Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lovecraft has not been open lately on Avenue B

The bar-restaurant inspired by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft has not been open during announced business hours here of late at 50 Avenue B near Fourth Street.

One tipster reports seeing people remove liquor and other contents from the space two weeks ago. There isn't any message on their website or Facebook page about a closure. Their phone number, however, is no longer in service.

Lovecraft, which has a subterranean space for music and comedy, opened in August 2014. After some initial buzz about the place for its "great Lovecraftian atmosphere," I never heard too much more about it.

Some recent Yelp reviews are pretty condemning. Like: "We sit down and order our food, drinking, conversing, and having a grand old time. Then everything turned for the worst! We knew we messed up when the waitress dropped Key Food Louisiana hot sauce on our table." Their meal apparently included actual Eggo waffles with fried chicken.

Meanwhile, Johnny Favorite's, the pizzeria attached to the Lovecraft space around the corner, has been closed since last August. (Their Facebook page is still posting generic content as late as December.) The pizzeria's phone is out of service.

Johnny Favorite's opened in April 2015.

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Anonymous said...

One less bar!

DrGecko said...

To be fair, Eggo waffles with Key Food hot sauce does sound pretty Lovecrafian.