Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Report: high-end condo in the works for 2nd Avenue explosion site

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Shaky Cohen's Nexus Building Development Group has filed plans to build a high-end condo at 121 Second Ave., where one of three buildings were destroyed in the deadly gas explosion in March 2015.

Nexus Building Development Group paid $9.15 million for the empty lots at No. 119 and 121 between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

As The Real Deal reported, Nexus reps filed a permit application with the DOB today. According to the permit, the building will feature 2,100 square feet for commercial use with 21,000 square feet for residences.

Here's how the Nexus site describes the project:

...121 Second Avenue is a high-end condominium building designed by Morris Adjami, with seven floors including 21 apartments and a retail space. Residential units are one, two and three bedrooms.

Size: 7 floors, 21 Residential units

Developer: Nexus Building Development Group in partnership with Immobiliare Capital and Premier Equities

Architect: Morris Adjimi Architects

Marketing and Sales: The Tavivian Team from Douglas Elliman

The permits list 119 as the address for the new building while the Nexus site lists the address as 121.

There aren't any renderings for the building just yet.

In a previously recorded transaction, Ezra Wibowo paid $6 million for the property at 123 Second Ave. A source told the Post last March that this was a long-term investment. "He’s not in a rush to build or develop."


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Anonymous said...

Shame on DeBlasio for not ensuring this would be affordable housing. Plus the needless destruction of housing on 11th Street for the incoming Moxy hotel. SHAME.

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE it's going to be "high end" luxury housing, b/c De Blasio is a lying piece of scum who doesn't give a flying fig about the people who lost their homes or those who lost their lives in this horrible explosion. He has no sense of neighborhood (unless it's Park Slope) and no interest in helping the people who actually live here.

To De Blasio I feel like this is just his version of "slum clearance" and anyway, with the new "Tech Hub" coming in on 14th St., we must bow down low to our superiors, those bro's with no social skills but an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and outsized paychecks. Who else deserves to OWN this neighborhood if not the tech bro's? Drinks & party roofs rule!

It's pretty clear that those of us currently living here are not worth a tinker's dam to City Hall. ALL the people who were displaced by this explosion should have first crack at AFFORDABLE "high-end" apartments right on this very spot where they used to live.

I hope De Blasio gets exactly the karma he has coming to him.

And who gets rich from this? Where is the $$$$ from the sale of these lots going? Is Mrs. Hrynenko getting this money (hey, it can be hidden in some offshore account), or will justice and CASH ever be served to those whose homes & lives were shattered by this horrible event?

Anonymous said...

Gentrification at its best

Anonymous said...

So, the Hrynenkos profit from this. No one is in jail for what happened. Where is justice? And what ever happened to Michael Hrynenko supposedly being dead?

Anonymous said...

And the $9m is going into the victims' compensation funds, right? Maria Hrynenko is *still* awaiting trial...

Anonymous said...

21 apts has to be on both lots combined, especially given some are 3 bedrooms

Eden Bee said...


Anonymous said...

Why should we have expected anything different from the DeB administration? Tonight in his State of the City Address he will talk about campaign finance reform--a great joke--he and / or his cronies who have profited from real estate adventures in the East Village and the Lower East Side (Rivington House)now want to pretend that they are for good government (hide that word transparent--anyone who uses it is surely part of the problem). If the city was not ready to buy the property (and pay the price) then there seems little reason to talk about affordable housing. No commercial builder is going to build affordable house with community space set aside. And DeB thinks of running for national office!! Save us from his pieties.

Anonymous said...

Is there some serious doubt that Michael is actually deceased? (I’m a long-ago tenant).

Fish said...

This disgusts me. This will completely change the character of 2nd Avenue and 7th street.

JQ LLC said...

This decision to build strictly luxury on this site where normal apartment buildings one stood and where two people died unnecessarily is an outright abomination.

This proves de Faustio is a carpetbagging transient pox on this city as are the people that this tower will cater to. This corrupt mayor is truly is the luckiest bastard being that Trump fired the guy investigating him and the McConnell Supreme Court edition made his pay to play crimes legal. Even though it was mentioned by 2 others here, this should have been mandated for affordable housing. Funny how there is money for tax abatements for these developers and 90 shelters and not one cent to build a solid modest apartment building for middle class and working poor, two groups that still outnumber the frivolous rich boroughwide.

When I read this was being considered for condos, I wanted to vomit. In a way this is worse than what happened with Rivington House in that this is building on a grave of 2 men and a community of tenants for avaricious profit.

What no lame ibook the sims-style rendering yet? Sounds these developers do have a sense of shame. Just barely.

Condolences to the all the holdouts still getting by in the E.V. (especially those tolerating the criminal neglect of Kushner's Westminster Mafia properties) and all in the projects. This city has failed you and us all.

Anonymous said...

@7:28pm: You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Yes this sucks! But does anyone really believe that these empty lots were even a blip on DeBlasio’s radar? What about Carlina Rivera and other local gov locals?

Anonymous said...

there won't be any windows in this building because vampires need to sleep in the day and sunlight makes them explode and shit.

David Mulkins said...

That explosion was caused by a landlord's greed and illegal practices.
Two young people lost their lives, many others were seriously wounded,
small businesses were destroyed, and scores of residents permanently displaced. Are the ones responsible for the tragedy jailed, or will they pay a little fine and make off like bandits with the sale of the buildings?

A high end condo coming to the site?

Ho-hum, business as usual in a city whose government officials are way too often the lap dogs of big real estate.

Anonymous said...

How can this trial have not happened yet? Unbelievable. The Hrynenkos get to pocket 9 million in whatever tax haven they like.

------m said...

aside from all the valid reasons which make this an immoral situation, this area is included in the LOWER EAST SIDE HISTORIC DISTRICT.
a developer has to abide by restrictions imposed by this landmarking.

Anonymous said...

I hope GVSHP gets involved in requiring developer to meet historic district standards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At least Bloomberg used his own money. de Blasio sold us down the river at our expense. He has nothing going for him, never has never will, and he will be out soon. What a regressive waste of time.
Lame and ice cold. Delusional. See the way he acts. He'said so glaser over, delusional, guilty but has to keep up the facade.

Anonymous said...

If the original owners get the money for this then it basically creates a perverted market in which you can blow up your building to make your property more valuable rather than fight with tenants over buyouts. Now granted that's not anything new, landlord arson wasn't invented yesterday, but this sort of thing re-enforces that such a market exists. How many sociopathic landlords would see this and weigh the pros and cons of killing their tenants in an "accident" if it means they can finally sell the plot to property developers?

Anonymous said...

This is just unconscionable and with Riviera House and Capoccia and everything else. He's so arrogant and he lies. Down with the people. He's the farthest thing from being down with the people.

Scuba Diva said...

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous said:

ALL the people who were displaced by this explosion should have first crack at AFFORDABLE "high-end" apartments right on this very spot where they used to live.

That's the way it should be, of course—but you know as well as I do that BloomBlasio doesn't give two shits about his constituents.

I'm hoping that before his term ends, he gets the come-uppance he so richly deserves, but I'm not holding my breath.