Monday, February 26, 2018

More about the new venture from Pilotworks on the Bowery

Two weeks ago I mentioned that Pilotworks was the new commercial tenant at 347 Bowery. (Just the ground-floor space.) That was after spotting signage touting Pilotworks — which offers co-working space for food professionals — arrived on the corner here.

A rep for Pilotworks shared more about what they will be doing with the space. (Basically businesses who are part of Pilotworks will be selling their stuff here.)

Via the EVG inbox:

Pilotworks - Culinary Incubator is Opening FIRST Retail Space on Bowery

I’m excited to announce Pilotworks ... is opening their FIRST RETAIL concept on the Bowery in Spring/Summer 2018. Located at 347 Bowery ... food businesses (AKA members or makers) that operate in Pilotworks kitchens across the country will have access to increased visibility and exposure for the very first time.

The location is already catching eyes because the exterior is outfitted with REAL RESIGNATION LETTERS from members at Pilotworks, including Hometown Poke from the Pilotworks Providence (RI) kitchen, and Stagg Jam and Watermelon Road, both based out of the Pilotworks Brooklyn kitchen. These resignation letters represent the moment a dream becomes a reality and a true testament to the importance of pursuing what you LOVE.

Here's more about Pilotworks from their website:

Pilotworks is a new kind of business on a mission to change the landscape of the food industry. We operate high fidelity culinary incubators across the United States that provide specialized products and services to entrepreneurs in the food community to help them bring new companies and ideas to market.

Through our holistic approach, selected companies benefit from our flexible and affordable infrastructure, outsourced services, personalized mentorship, distribution reach, educational events and workshops as well as our vibrant community of culinary professionals looking to innovate the industry. Pilotworks (headquarters in Brooklyn) recently closed a $13MM round of Series A financing led by Techstars Ventures and Acre Venture Partners, alongside a group of world class venture capitalists and food industry veterans.

Pilotworks also has outposts in Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Maine, and Newark, N.J.

As for the residential portion of No. 347, the Annabelle Selldorf-designed 13-story luxury building features five stacked and expensive town homes. The site was previously the Salvation Army's East Village Residence, which closed in 2008.

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I hope they’re working to make Tide Pods even more delicious!

Anonymous said...

WTF is this. I love all these 'concept' businesses that are really about nothing.

Anonymous said...

Our brand is talking about our brand ~ New Yorker Cartoon BEK

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they could give the food away to the down and out on the Bowery just the way the Salvation Army once did on that very same spot.

cmarrtyy said...

Rent a pot. Sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

so much trite signage

JQ LLC said...

This is a living grotesque farcical parody of everything today.

What they are selling here is idiotically irresponsible, the dream to be your own boss to follow some food culture/social media pipe dream. This makes Trump U. look Ivy league.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding me. More food concepts?? A Wework for food?? There is absolutely no need for this. You will fail. Go away! Also: Pilotworks, you don't "have outposts" - you're a bullshit CHAIN. Don't kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

Food start ups have been a successful entry into profitable businesses for immigrants. With the help of non-profit business development resources, this could be a positive for the community. It all depends on who the space owners are willing to rent to and support with their additional services.

Gojira said...

More trite verbal diarrhea. Someone take a break from writing real estate prospectuses to do this instead? It's all just nonsensical crap, sound and verbiage meaning nothing, to misquote Shakespeare.

Russell K said...

Whatever happened to this? It seems like it has gone nowhere for months! Maybe an EVGrieve update is in order?

Grieve said...

Good question, Russell... I noticed that the signage came down... I will ask them....