Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chat 'N Chew reboot opens

[Photo by Harry Weiner from Saturday]

Chat 'N Chew 2.0 is now open on 16th Street just west of Union Square.

The comfort-food diner opened late last week. EVG reader Harry Weiner reports that there is a limited dinner menu only for now, but breakfast and lunch will be offered soon.

Harry also asked about two of his old favorites here — Thanksgiving on a Roll and Chinese Chicken Salad. Management said those items will be served. Here's the menu for now...

[Click on image for bigger view]

Chat 'N Chew first opened in 1994 before quietly closing in July 2014.

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Alex in NYC said...

Before it was Chat n' Chew (never liked that name) it was a Tex/Mex joint called Texas, which made excellent Huevos Rancheros.

nycguy said...

Hope they bring back the Kitchen Sink.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the honey fried chicken to return to the menu...but will ease the wait with the BLT. If it’s anything like the previous incarnation, the best ever!

Giovanni said...

Still waiting for the first Gulp n’ Choke to open, but there’s always McDonalds.