Thursday, February 22, 2018

EV Grieve Etc.: Recognition for composer Julius Eastman; props for Szechuan Mountain House

[C.H.U.D. 3? Photo on 1st Avenue by Derek Berg]

Homeless woman on First Street awaits reunion with her pit bull named Red (Daily News)

28 years after his death, composer Julius Eastman, who lived in the East Village, gets a publishing deal (The New York Times)

A former top city official sues Mayor de Blasio for $5 million-plus over claims he was illegally fired for blowing the whistle on alleged City Hall corruption (The Post)

More about the clay pot cooking at Clay Pot on St. Mark's Place (Eater ... previously)

A visit to Spark Pretty on Ninth Street (Nylon ... previously)

How did the subway delays get so bad? (The New York Times)

A Q-and-A with East Village-based author Arthur Nersesian (Convicts ... previously)

Boubouki closing in the Essex Street Market next week (The Lo-Down)

NYU prez apologizes after dining hall serves Black History Month meal that included red Kool-Aid and watermelon-flavored water as well as ribs and collard greens (Washington Square News)

Roland, auctioneers of antiques, leaving its home in the St. Denis building at 11th Street and Broadway (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

The films of Iranian documentarian Mehrdad Oskouei (Anthology Film Archives)

Cop Shoot Cop alumni news (Flaming Pablum)

More pics from the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant (Slum Goddess ... previously)

"Way Out West" with Sonny Rollins (The Village Voice)

Three stars for Szechuan Mountain House on St. Mark's Place (Eater)

The Who’s 1968 Live At Fillmore East — the former concert venue on Second Avenue at Sixth Street — has been fully restored and mixed for an April 20 release (Addicted to Noise)

5 Pointz owner plans to appeal $6.7M settlement verdict (Curbed)

The building that used to house Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s Karpas Health Information Center on First Avenue at 18th Street has been sold and will soon be demolished (Town & Village)

Airbnb and the unintended consequences of "disruption" (The Atlantic)

And watch bearded drag queen Levonia Jenkins performs Fergie's recent rendition of the National Anthem at Club Cumming on Sixth Street (via Hornet)


Eden Bee said...

He lost his contact lens poor guy.

JQ LLC said...

Oh that anthem rendition was good, I hope the singer didn't burst a blood vessel while rehearsing it.