Monday, February 12, 2018

Neapolitan Express pulls into the opening lane on 2nd Avenue

The pizzeria is now open here at 29 Second Ave. between First Street and Second Street...

The Neapolitan Express brand is expanding with several new locations in the city... they started as a food truck — touted at the time by Mayor Bloomberg — in 2013. Per the Neapolitan website:

Originally launched in 2013 as the world’s first Eco Friendly Food Truck, Neapolitan Express was officially introduced by lead investors, energy innovators and business tycoons T. Boone Pickens of Clean Energy Fuels. Powered entirely by alternative energies, the Neapolitan Express pizza truck reduces greenhouse gases by up to 99%. Our patent-pending fueling technology fully powers truck operations, while simultaneously cuts down pollutants to a fraction.

And via Real Estate Weekly:

The restaurant eschews traditional coal and wood-burning ovens typically used for Italian pizza, instead using open mouth electric ovens designed and made in Italy to reach 900 degrees with zero emissions.

The technique cooks the pies ... in 90 seconds.

As for the pies... here's a look at the menu...

The building was renovated after the previous tenant, the Cock, moved moved a few blocks north in December 2015.

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Anonymous said...

Who is faster - 2Bros Dollar Pizza or the Express?

Anonymous said...

How are they running 900 degree ovens for 12 hours a day with "zero" emissions? Wind? Solar? Hamster wheel?

Giovanni said...

Meanwhile, 13 months after announcing they were moving into Lanza’s, Joe & Pats pizza is still “coming soon.”

JQ LLC said...

I had their pizza, bland and grossly overvalued like their promotion gimmick here.