Monday, February 28, 2011

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Today's sign of the apocalypse: Your future gateway to the East Village!

From The Wall Street Journal today:

Edward Minskoff, a member of one of New York's storied real-estate families, is hoping to begin construction in July on what would be the city's first large "speculative" new office building since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Mr. Minskoff says he will begin construction without any pre-leasing on a Maki and Associates-designed, 430,000-square-foot tower on a site overlooking Astor Place that he acquired in late 2007. Just outside the trendy East Village, it's an unorthodox location for an office building. Most of the city's modern office space is in Midtown and the Financial District.

But in a recent interview, Mr. Minskoff predicted that the building would attract high-tech companies, investment banks, insurance and advertising firms. "It's an area that a lot of young people want to work in," he said. He plans to charge about $65 a square foot per year, a modest amount for new space.

The Journal piece came via Curbed, who note: "Though Astor Place seems like an odd location for a new office building, AOL and J. Crew already call the gateway to the East Village home." True. Construction is slated for July, with an 2013 opening date. May want to enjoy that Film Academy coffee while you can.

[Photo via Curbed]

Report: City makes Hells Angels remove bench bar

From an "exclusive" in the Post today. The City forced the Hells Angels to remove the bar from its bench outside its East Third Street HQ. Per the Post:

The city cracked down on the club after The Post recently publicized its efforts to keep pedestrians off its pew, said the Angels' lawyer, Ron Kuby.

Only members had been given keys to unlock the bar so they could sit down.

Department of Transportation officials noted that the bench was on city property and the organization would now need a permit for it, Kuby said.

A DOT spokesman said the two sides are trying to work out a solution to keep the bench.


See what happens when the Mulberry Street Bar puts in an Internet jukebox

We've been reading plenty of late about what's happening in Little Italy... such as the dwindling numbers of Italian-Americans living there ... and the fight to cut back the annual San Gennaro Feast ...

So anyone mourning the continued erosion of Little Italy may not care for this one...

The great old Mulberry Street Bar (aka Tony's) in Little Italy is admittedly pretty touristy at times ... all the Soprano's stuff inside and outside of the bar doesn't help. Still. Despite some modern touches (flat-screen TVs!) since Tony sold the place and moved to Florida, the bar retains much of its charm... like a working phone booth ...

And now the bar just added another modern amenity: an Internet jukebox ...

The old one was well-stocked with Frank Sinatra and Mario Lanza, etc. The other evening, some fun-loving tourists made their presence felt during the otherwise sleepy early evening hour by loading up the jukebox with Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees. And they danced...

... and danced...

A few old-timers standing at the bar looked blankly into their beers.

After failing to land a club restaurant, landlord lobbies for a nail salon


So, we've written plenty about 14-16 Avenue B at East Second Street ... where plans for a big club restaurant were shot down by CB3 (and, perhaps, for good reasons — one venture called for a 3,000 square foot Italian restaurant, catering company and lounge "with an occasional D.J.") ... first last February ... and later in September.

Anyway! Perhaps the landlord has given up the nightclub restaurant dream... check out the new listing for 16 Avenue B....

Look at what it's "perfect" for now... a nail salon!

Of course, it could also be a bar disguised as a nail shop... works nicely with barber shops...

Orologio says goodbye on Avenue A

After yesterday's Sunday brunch, Orologio said goodbye to the neighborhood....

[Courtesy of Shawn Chittle]

[Courtesy of @StarkOnline]


Melanie also has a nice shot of the sign on East Village Corner.

Page 7

Page 7 of a novel that seems to be plastered around the neighborhood....

[Courtesy @Ewingweber]

'Sex and the City 2' continues to shame New York

The Razzies were held last night... honoring the worst movies of the past year (this wasn't the thing on ABC?)... and some old friends received accolades, per The Daily Mail ... "Sex and the City 2" received Worst Sequel and and all four of its stars — Jessica Cattrall, Sarah Kim Parker, Kristin Cynthia and Davis Nixon — collectively took the worst actress category. No word yet if this means that the SATC bus tours will be discounted.

[Via Runnin' Scared]

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The CoopLambo gets around

Spotted today on Seventh Street near Avenue B. Previously.

[Courtesy of Bobby Williams]

Signs of spring on Avenue A

Via Shawn Chittle.

And are they carrying a white coffin? If so, then that's tacky before Memorial Day!

Week in Grieview

We learned more about Grace Farrell (Tuesday)

CB3 passed new liquor license legislation (Thursday)

Coyote Ugly reopened (Wednesday)

We talked about "Hot Chicks" (Monday)

We learned that the recession is over! (Wednesday)

We continued to worry about the Mars Bar (Friday)

There was a candlelight vigil at 35 Cooper Square (Tuesday) where the developer now apparently has all the necessary permits to destroy (Friday)

We saw the new Material Girl ads shot at Lit Lounge and Mars Bar (Thursday)

We looked at the March CB3/SLA docket, which includes a music venue for the former Aces and Eights(?) (Wednesday)

We watched the EV(ie) Hawk eat a rat (Thursday)

We mourned for Orologio, or at least some people did (Friday)

[Updated] East Village passenger reportedly steals and wrecks cab

Quite a story making the rounds from around 4 a.m. Here's Gothamist:

According to police, a cab driver got into an argument with the passenger in the East Village. Somehow, the passenger managed to get out of the car, kicked the driver out and start driving. The passenger then crashed into a light pole on Union Square West, and suffered minor injuries. He has since been arrested.


[Updated 3:29 p.m. The Daily News has more. Per the paper:

Michael Findley, 31, of Pasadena, was treated at Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries - and then booked on six criminal counts.

Police said a cabbie picked up Findley at Delancey St. and the Bowery on the Lower East Side about 3 a.m. At one point, the cab stopped, and Findley got out.

Findley then yanked the driver from the taxi, punched him and drove away with the vehicle, police said.

Findley was charged with robbery, grand larceny auto, and driving while intoxicated, among other counts, police said. He was due to be arraigned later Sunday.

A cab ride up First Avenue in 1971

This video is marked "NYC Taxi Ride up 2nd Ave circa 1971" though it's actually First Avenue... a nice stroll through the East Village... see what you can recognize....

'The Fabulous Personalities of 1980s New York'

Earlier in the month we posted some short videos by downtown filmmaker Nelson Sullivan... Here's another one titled "The Fabulous Personalities of 1980s New York."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breaking: New taco cart set up on Avenue A and Second Street

I don't recall seeing this before...? Or have I just missed it...? (Thanks to the Late Adopter for the shot)

The red-tailed hawk's meals are becoming more popular

EV Grieve contributor Bobby Williams notes the latest meal ... last time out, a rat... today, a pigeon...

Other things being photographed today in Tompkins Square Park

Courtesy of Bobby Williams

This afternoon in topless male model photo shoots

Somewhere on West Houston ... Photo via EV Grieve reader Samo, who noted this scene gave the tourists something to talk about...

'Quality-of-Lifer' issues

Just went to see the latest exhibit at La Mama Galleria on East First Street near the Bowery ... It's a collection from Day Gleeson titled "Quality-of-Lifer." Per the LaMama website, the exhibit "directly adresses the formal and conceptual metamorphoses of the Lower East Side and East Village neighborhoods over the decades, where the artist lives and continues to work." They're some great pieces here...

“Quality-of-Lifer” will be up until March 20. Gallery hours are: Thursday- Sunday, 1-6 pm. Stop by on your way to the Mars Bar...

How the local TV news stations have been scaring the hell out of you

Courtesy of a YouTube clip titled "Terrifying 1980s Local NYC News Teasers."


And beware of the Dangerous Chicken!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Money for nothing

The Flying Lizards from 1979.

Today in worrying about the Mars Bar

Well, it's that end-of-the-month time... and I'm hearing the same rumors as last month regarding the Mars Bar's future. One rumor: No one has placed a beer order for the weekend... Another rumor has the bar on a month-to-month lease...

Adding to some hysteria... several readers spotted workers alongside the bar yesterday...

In the morning, Georgia Lillie took this shot...

...And later in the day...

EV Grieve contributor Bobby Williams was on the scene. A worker said that they were testing soil samples to monitor the water level.

We've been trying to figure this out ourselves ... if we can remember the formula ... the volume of water and VT = Vs + Vv = Vs + Vw + Va is the total volume (that is soil volume + water volume + air space)...

Will get back to you on that... Meanwhile, go have a drink while you can.

City issues new work permit for 35 Cooper Square

Back on Feb. 15, Runnin' Scared reported that the city issued Stop-Work Orders on 35 Cooper Square... The notices cited the site's failure to "safeguard public and property affected by construction operations." They needed a fence.

So it was really just a matter of getting the correct permits... and yesterday, the DOB issued the necessary permit...

Previously on EV Grieve:
35 Cooper Square, 'this much-beloved little building,' dies at age 186

Orologio serving its last meal with Sunday brunch

As you know, something called The Beagle is taking over the Orologio space at 162 Avenue A between 10th Street and 11th Street.

Last night, a reader passed along word that Orologio will serve its last meal with its Sunday brunch.

Meanwhile, a commenter had previously listed some of The Beagle's offerings:

Braised and Pressed Pig Head - $16
Bacon Wrapped Rabbit Loin - $18
Roasted bone Marrow w/foie gras - $18

Pan Roasted Squab - $27
Braised Lamb Neck - $25

Anyway, the reader mentioned how many lovely meals that he and his wife shared at Orologio through the years. "Goodbye to affordable restaurant romance!"

And say goodbye to Chico's clock's mural...

The latest worse thing to happen to Cooper Square in the last few minutes

As Eater put it the other day: "A new restaurant is opening at the Cooper Square Hotel [today]. And what better way to announce said restaurant than the terrifying graphic of a giant old hand dangling an ominous pocket watch?"

The place is called The Trilby. And from all we've seen and heard about the place, it sounds like a major toolville.

Exhibit No. 2:

As usual, UrbanDaddy spreads the smarmalade on a little too thick:

You’ll want to incorporate this spot as a before, after or in-between option for when you find yourself turned around in the Bowery. A place where you’ll order up the namesake cocktail (scotch, sweet vermouth and Parfait d’Amour), pair it with some Mini Short Rib Sandwiches and make yourself at home on a broken-in vintage couch for a few hours.

And as one might expect from a room of predominantly reclaimed wood, it’ll expand in the summer. The banquettes, settees and even boozy pots of mussels will all be moved outside into the garden.

Oh boy. This should provide a whole new installment of Notes from the Backside.

Oh, and the arrival of the Shrillby explains this.

[Images via Eater]

A public hanging for Misha Nicole on the Bowery

The sign went up yesterday for the Misha Nicole store opening this spring or something at 303 Bowery... a few doors up from DBGB. (Hope shoppers will be able to enter the store once the DBGB sidewalk cafe reopens!)

Misha Nicole people have been running a pop-up shop around the corner on Extra Place ... And, well, I've never heard of Misha Nicole, so I looked them up on Racked: "Misha Nicole's goal is to introduce cutting-edge Indian labels to New Yorkers."

On Avenue C, two new delis, and two bright new signs

The Yankee Two Deli opened this week on Avenue C near Eighth Street... Yankee 1 is up a few blocks at 11th Street... (More here.)

And workers just put up the new Wholesome Foods sign on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Seventh Street... (More here...)

The deli at the Associated at Eighth Street had better step it up or they'll lose the officers and staff from Police Service Area 4 across the street...

Lady Gaga ads bring touch of class to burned-out deli on Second Avenue

Yesterday, BoweryBoogie noted the arrival of the Lady Gaga Supreme ads on the Bowery and other parts of the Lower East Side...

I noticed a few hundred myself around.... like on the plywood at Second Avenue and East Fourth Street... home of East Village Farm & Grocery, which suffered a major fire at the start of the year...

Meanwhile, does anyone know what's happening to this space? I've seen some work done on the apartment building... doesn't seem as if anyone is living here again ... Bobby Williams took this shot the other week in front of 69 Second Avenue.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earlier today on Avenue A

Just after 5 p.m., there was a brief skirmish between two Avenue A regulars ... in front of Cafetasia near Fifth Street...

EV Grieve contributor Bobby Williams, who took these photos, noted that the winner of this fight reluctantly fled toward Tompkins Square Park.