Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The roof at 35 Cooper Square is probably rotting now; and will work start up again today?

We've been following the drama at 35 Cooper Square, of course... There are currently Stop Work Orders on the building... And the workers have left... and no one decided to throw a tarp over the 186-year-old-roof to protect it from the winter elements...

In fact, several people have called the DOB to complain about this... Three people filed complaints about the holes in the roof/lack of a tarp this past Friday.

Not that any of this may matter: A tipster claims that demolition work will resume today; that the issue involving the original Stop Work Order has been resolved.


Lisa said...

Of course there's no tarp, they didn't want to waste the energy putting it up since they knew the roof was being torn out soon anyway. Besides, easier to rip it out if the wood is soft and rotted, no?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

This just gives them more of an excuse to knock it down. Can't save it if it's rotten. Disgusting.