Saturday, February 19, 2011

A McSorley's post featuring Minnie and the Mayor

In anticipation of McSorley's Day on Thursday, we reached out to Minnie McSorley for a pawment. Unfortunately, we didn't hear back before our deadline. Not that we actually have a deadline.

But, we thought Minnie had publicisted up and wasn't available to the media any longer. Not the case! We did hear back yesterday... We had also asked about the discrepancies in the bar's actual birthday: 1854 or 1862 as one historian claims.

E.V., with all the festivities, I just saw this now. Let's do a recap, perhaps? I have much to say on the "historians." If you think I'm meowing out of my mind over this lady who sued me, it's nothing compared to the way that guy Richard Whatsis pets my fur the wrong way with his 1862 crusade.

There was a rocking party last night, which of course is 80% for ME and 20% for McSorley's. I'm encouraging people who'd like to "give me" something to shoot friends over to my Fan page. The size of my Facebook personal page is getting just too big to manage when you type with two paws. Thank you so much for your well-wishes ...

Speaking of feeding, I think I just heard Pepe open a can in the kitchen. Gotta run!

And here's a piece on McSorley's and Bloomy's tasteless St. Patrick's Day joke from the Daily News yesterday...


Marty Wombacher said...

I love the guy at the end of the clip. "I wish I could live another 81 years and keep on drinkin.'"
Ha ha ha! Quote of the year! If I see him in there I'm buying him a beer (of course at McSorley's that means two beers!)

Anonymous said...

Aww, look at poor Minnie's camera flash-boggled eyes! The dear miss needs a rest from the paparazzi. I love the expression her little mouth is making. It shows she's a demure young lady in the face of celebrity.
-Roger P

Lisa said...

Bloomturd really needs to have a brisk military tattoo performed upon his embalmed-looking head with a shillelagh.