Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Madness! Takers for the former Kurve, Tonda and Aces and Eights spaces; music returning to old Mo Pitkin's?

Here we go with the docket for the SLA & DCA Licensing Committee, Monday, March 14 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

And here are some items of interest from the agenda (the whole shebang is here):

• Review of 2010 goals and accomplishments/committee goals for 2011

• Resolution to SLA regarding undue burden on Community Boards of waivers for 30-renewal notices, and undue burden to businesses of penalty of closing businesses if renewal is late.

Applications within Resolution Areas

• Table 12 (188 Ave A Take Out Food Corp), 188 Ave A (wb)

Oh boy ... this didn't go so well last time... in September...

• Coyi Café, 42 Ave B (wb)

• 34 Avenue A, corp to be formed, (Aces & Eights) (op)

CB3 said No to Jevan Damadian, the owner of the former Aces and Eights space, during the November meeting. He was looking to open a tapas bar ... with no beer pong. The rumors have a former associate of Phil Hartman's at the Two Boots empire opening a music venue here. A return to its previous Mo Pitkin's roots?

Sidewalk Café Applications

• Café Cortadito (Café Cortadito LLC), 210 E 3rd St

The Cuban eatery near Avenue B is looking for some sidewalk tables...

• A&D Wine Corp, (Wine Bar), 65 2nd Ave (alt/increase number of tables and chairs from 6 tables and 12 chairs to 10 tables and 22 chairs)

• 157 Brick Oven LLC (Plum Pizzeria), 157 2nd Ave


• 4AB LLC (Tonda), 235 E 4th St (tran/op)

A-ha! All this explains the crazy non-hours of operation of late.

• Le Cave LLC, 64 E 1st St (alt/op/correction of original application)

Hey now! During January's meeting, one of the owners of LaVie, the hookah-flavored club at 64 E. First St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue, called Susan Stetzer a "racist." How can they top that?

• Woody's (Prince 28 LLC), 31 2nd Ave (alt/op/adding second bar upstairs and other work)

• Sa Aming Nayon LLC, (Wai Café) 201 1st Ave (wb)

Something amiss with the Wai? Cafe?

• 133 Essex Restaurant LLC, (Mason Dixon) 133 Essex St (op)

Maybe they're just moving their mechanical bull?

New Liquor License Applications

• Lucky's Famous Burgers (Lucky Burger Houston LLC), 147 E Houston St (b)

BoweryBoogie has been covering the return of Lucky Burger to the East Village.

• Corp to be formed, (Kurve) 87 2nd Ave (op)

Corpse to be formed? We're curious to see what happens with the old Kurve/Rhong-Tiam space.

• Aegis Atlantic LLC (Peet’s Coffee/Preserve 24), 175 E. Houston St.(op)

Interesting... A Peet's Coffee & Tea shop is slated to take over this space on Houston at Allen ... this space that includes the Foam & Futon Center has been on the market ... And maybe Peet's will change the name from coffee and tea to beer and whiskey... ?


Anonymous said...

Not a big coffee guy but always thought Peet's makes it superb. I know you can buy their beans at whole foods and what not but wouldn't this be their first NYC store? Will definitely check out.

WB said...

It would be great to have something in the style of Mo Pitkins again. My wife and I went there often when we were first dating, and it was always really nice.

I know we've had bar-naming contests before. I think "CB3" and "Corp to be Formed" would be great names. If nothing else it would make for some good who's-on-first comedy at these meetings.

And when is Cafe Bon Gusto going to open??