Monday, February 28, 2011

'Sex and the City 2' continues to shame New York

The Razzies were held last night... honoring the worst movies of the past year (this wasn't the thing on ABC?)... and some old friends received accolades, per The Daily Mail ... "Sex and the City 2" received Worst Sequel and and all four of its stars — Jessica Cattrall, Sarah Kim Parker, Kristin Cynthia and Davis Nixon — collectively took the worst actress category. No word yet if this means that the SATC bus tours will be discounted.

[Via Runnin' Scared]

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Lisa said...

Too bad none of the SATC bimbos had the guts and sense of humor to show up to accept, the way Sandra Bullock so gracefully did last year. Girls, get a sense of humor!

Oh wait, that's something you can't buy. I forgot.