Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week in Grieview

We learned more about Grace Farrell (Tuesday)

CB3 passed new liquor license legislation (Thursday)

Coyote Ugly reopened (Wednesday)

We talked about "Hot Chicks" (Monday)

We learned that the recession is over! (Wednesday)

We continued to worry about the Mars Bar (Friday)

There was a candlelight vigil at 35 Cooper Square (Tuesday) where the developer now apparently has all the necessary permits to destroy (Friday)

We saw the new Material Girl ads shot at Lit Lounge and Mars Bar (Thursday)

We looked at the March CB3/SLA docket, which includes a music venue for the former Aces and Eights(?) (Wednesday)

We watched the EV(ie) Hawk eat a rat (Thursday)

We mourned for Orologio, or at least some people did (Friday)

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Anonymous said...

Good by signage up at Orologio--see East Village Corner post for today and yesterday.