Monday, February 21, 2011

Tonda randomly open this past weekend

Tonda on East Fourth Street near Avenue B has been closed the past two weekends... We've asked people associated with the pizza place for comment, though have never received a response... seems a given that the place has closed.

Or not!

This past weekend, Tonda was randomly opened with an all-night happy hour, per their sandwich board. However, I didn't see anyone inside on Friday or Saturday night... and some of the gates were down — not very inviting...

This is all perplexing... I feel badly for anyone who still works here... and why not just be honest with the neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

I think it has been sold and will shortly be remodeled. There was a group surveying the place this week including an architect.
My 2 cents, the place is just too big for the area. Not cozy.
Two bad owners in a row don't help.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that they have to open on random nights in order to keep their liquor license, and then they will sell.