Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coyote Ugly is back open

As you may know, the DOH shuttered Coyote Ugly last week ... and according to saloon founder Liliana Lovell, they're back open today:

Hot damn the NY bar is back open!! 153 1st ave NYC ( between 9th and 10th) I am sure tonight will be crazy at the bar. So happy

And here's more on the background from Lil:

Last Tuesday the NY bar scored a 90 on the surprise inspection. 2 days later on Thursday we were reinspected and scored a 16 and they did not reopen us. Over the weekend we put in a new basement floor repainted the whole bar, revamped the sods systems. Jacqui is at the health department now trying to reschedule another inspection. I have been making calls to find out what score we need to reopen. We cut 74 points in less then 48 hours. Ok positive energy. No worries. I actually downloaded a tibetan positivity chant. I lit candles and sang the chant.
Also officially have pneumonia.
I went to the doctor yesterday. I swear that all the dental problems started some bad mojo.

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Anonymous said...

super exciting news

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought they hired hot chicks to dance on the bar? I just see some dirty skank who hopped upon it from the crowd.

nygrump said...

after 10 or 15 PBRs every chick dancing on the counter looks hot - that's their secret