Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Updated] East Village passenger reportedly steals and wrecks cab

Quite a story making the rounds from around 4 a.m. Here's Gothamist:

According to police, a cab driver got into an argument with the passenger in the East Village. Somehow, the passenger managed to get out of the car, kicked the driver out and start driving. The passenger then crashed into a light pole on Union Square West, and suffered minor injuries. He has since been arrested.


[Updated 3:29 p.m. The Daily News has more. Per the paper:

Michael Findley, 31, of Pasadena, was treated at Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries - and then booked on six criminal counts.

Police said a cabbie picked up Findley at Delancey St. and the Bowery on the Lower East Side about 3 a.m. At one point, the cab stopped, and Findley got out.

Findley then yanked the driver from the taxi, punched him and drove away with the vehicle, police said.

Findley was charged with robbery, grand larceny auto, and driving while intoxicated, among other counts, police said. He was due to be arraigned later Sunday.


EVGayBear said...

He wanted to make Brother Jimmy's before last call!

Marty Wombacher said...

Charlie Sheen's in town?

Crazy Eddie said...

He was the passenger in the 1971 cab, got sucked into a wormhole, and woke up in the 2/27/2011 cab. He looked around at what the EV had become and he became righteously pissed off and demanded to be returned to 1971. Alas, he could not return.

EV Grieve said...



Uh, 2 and a half benders?

Anonymous said...

-Roger P

NYC taxi photo said...

Crack is whack!

Marty Wombacher said...

I heard he made bail and is currently on his 12th shot at the 13th Step. Maybe he'll hijack a bus tonight. Good times!

Lisa said...

Turns out he lives in the EV and is a serial arrestee:

Anonymous said...

Dude's been arrested 16 times in 4 years, and is not incarcerated ?

Something is terribly wrong with the justice system.