Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Cooper Square Hotel art installation baffles

A reader passed along an item of interest... During the weekend, "workers installed this rather odd 'art' installation on the Cooper Square Hotel's outdoor patio, otherwise unused during the cold weather months."

So, what is it?

The reader has a few (classic) guesses:

"A bicycle frame hung in effigy, perhaps a driver's road rage fantasy revenge for the perceived insult of bicycle lane proliferation. The desk chair swing set is more mysterious still: dreams of lost childhood, while trapped in corporate cubicles? Finally the roped-off area suggests either a crime scene or the intentionally exclusive velvet ropes (without the velvet, since times are hard) of the nightlife scene, a barrier which non-model females and non-celebrity males can only pass by offering a credit card; it's hard to say which interpretation is more depressing."


Jeremiah Moss said...

that's a hanging gallows! next to the swingset--is this the execution of childhood?

chris flash said...

I can't wait to hear about the shit and buckets of piss flying in their direction this summer!!

Lisa said...

So... it's okay to jeer baffling, incomprehensible art if the art is in some way attached to one of the new buildings along the Bowery?

However, if one jeers the baffling, incomprehensible art of past generations (Beat poetry, anyone?) they're dismissed as philistine.

Got it.