Saturday, December 31, 2016

Images 2016


RIP David Bowie...

[First Park]

The great Blizzard of Jan. 23...

[East 10th Street via Peter Brownscombe]

... and the day after...

[East 1st Street near 1st Avenue]

The great snow, oh you know...

[Photo via ‏@sandispino]


[Photo by Caz Lulu via Facebook]

Panhandling evolution...

[Photo by Derek Berg]


Losing the war against the rats...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

St. Mark's Bookshop closes...

Another cold, cold night...

[Photo by @georgygirlnyc]


One year later...

[Photo by Stacie Joy]

A new era begins...

[Photo by Steven]


Here's Johnny...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

You will be missed...


So long Yaffa Cafe mural...

[Photo by Allen Semanco]

Saving Air Shaft Rabbit...

At least Chris Christie isn't actually going to be Secretary of the Interior...

[Photo by Karts]


Tompkins Square Park's Prince-inspired piano...

[Photo by Steven]

At the annual Drag March...

[Photo by Stacie Joy]

ABC No Rio closes for now...

[Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk]


The kids learn to fly...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

A Sunday morning walk on St. Mark's Place...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

Campaigning in Tompkins Square Park...

[Photo by Steven]

Bagging a Rattata ...

[Reader-submitted photo]


A hotel in the works for 11th Street...

[Photo by Grant Shaffer]

A sign of progress in the ongoing Astor Place/Cooper Square Reconstruction project...

[Photo by Vinny & O]


A new space on Seventh Street for Abraço...

[Photo by Steven]

111 years later...

A fire at Caracas Arepa Bar...

[Photo by EVG reader Joaquin]

A new home for Comrade Lenin...

[Photo by Peter Marciano]


Fall in Tompkins Square Park...

A crowd in Tompkins Square Park for Choking Victim ...

[Photo by Goggla]


The cube returns to Astor Place at long last...

[Photo by @unitof]

A vote for the neighbor's best restaurant ...

[Photo by Peter Brownscombe]

Another March Against Trump...

[Photo by Steven]

After a brief closure at McSorley's...

[Photo by Steven]


The NYPD vs the Hells Angels...

[Photo by Event Photos NYC]

SantaConned again...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

At the 25th annual Tompkins Square Park tree lighting...

[Photo by Stacie Joy]

A look at the future?...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

The 3 most-viewed EVG posts of 2016

In keeping with the spirit of the listicle season...

1) Report: Man reportedly shot moving orange cones outside Hells Angels HQ on 3rd Street (Dec. 12)

2) The fall of Lenin: Iconic statue removed from Red Square on East Houston Street (Sept. 30)

[Photo by Stacie Joy]

3) Breaking (pretty much!): Target is coming to 14th Street and Avenue A (July 29)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Sunday times

Iggy Pop's Post Pop Depression made some year-end listicles for best records of the year... here's "Sunday" from that March release from the former EV resident.

Gone but not forgotten

Remembering a few of our friends and neighbors who died in 2016...

Stephen Konzen (aka the East Village Magic Man), friend, magician


Richard Kopperdahl, writer, patient


Carmen Pabón, community activist, gardener


Bill Gerstel, father, musician

[Photo from 2014 by James Maher]


Ernest Russell, father, artist

[Photo by Legacy Russell]


Adrian Gilboe, store owner, collector


Brett Kilroe, designer, music lover

[Photo by Dan Winters]


Lorraine Levine, sophisticated lady, advice giver


Tom Mulligan, Army veteran, Tompkins Square Park regular

[Photo by Michael Sean Edwards]


John Farris, poet, mentor

[Photo of John Farris by EVG from 2010]


Alan Vega, musician, icon

[Image via]


Roland Legiardi-Laura, poet, director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

[Image via Nuyorican Poets Cafe]


Al Orensanz, author, director of the Angel Orensanz Center


Coca Crystal, writer, cable-access star

[Image via Facebook]


Jim Hayes (aka Cowboy Jim), Tompkins Square Park, St. Mark's Place fixture

[Photo courtesy of John Caldwell]