Thursday, December 15, 2016

Otherwise, how was your night?

From DNAinfo:

A doorman for The Ludlow Hotel became so incensed Friday evening when a taxi driver refused to accept passengers that he punched the driver repeatedly in the face, trashed his phone, then unceremoniously quit his job by fleeing the scene.

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Image via @ludlowhotelnyc


Anonymous said...

Wow. That doorman was really, really committed to customer service. I usually can't get hotel staff to give two fucks about getting me a cab, cleaning my room promptly, or really much of anything.

Anonymous said...

'Hope the fired doorman is caught and sent to prison for first degree assault and the cabbie sues him and the hotel.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I live next door and was assaulted by one of their doormen. Wonder if it was the same guy? Hope it is and he's gone.