Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last call for the Will Ferrell-themed Stay Classy on Rivington

Stay Classy, the Will Ferrell-themed bar at 174 Rivington St., is closing after service on New Year's Eve, as the Lo-Down first reported yesterday.

The owners plan on holding Stay Classy pop-up events in various cities as they just did in Los Angeles.

As for the space on Rivington between Clinton and Attorney, the owners told the Lo-Down: "We still own the space ... and are installing a new place there which is going to be so awesome can’t wait to start telling people about it!" Stay Classy opened in the fall of 2015.

Stay Classy owners Zach Neil and Brian Link also operate the Tim Burton-themed bar-restaurant Beetle House on Sixth Street. And Neil was the driving force behind 'MericaNYC, which closed after three weeks in the Zerza space.


Anonymous said...

He doesnt seem to be so successful does he?

Glenn said...

OH goody, I can't wait to see what the next middlebrow-themed bar for bland newbies will be.

Giovanni said...

Looks like 2016 has finally claimed a victim that won't be missed. People have said enough with the corny theme bars and restuarants, there aren't enough tourists outside of Times Square to keep them afloat. And Will Ferrell hasn't been funny or popular in years. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to do another theme concept, like a Kanye West Fried Chicken and Waffle House. And it will probably be a bigger flop than 'Merica, which would be quite an accomplishment.

Don't Stay Classy, Just Stay Away said...

So Stay Classy was such a giant success it had to close down? Ha! So now they will be doing Pop Up shops, probably in hopes of getting some easy mark amateur-hour investors to buy franchises? Never gonna happen. These joke themes at "Merica and Stay Classy (which it never was) were just a distraction from how bad and overpriced the food and drinks were. Until this guy Zach Neil stops being so arrogant he will never succeed in life or in business. Good riddance.


Make it stop. They're the Sanjaya of the restaurant business.

Stay Closed said...

Based on their Yelp reviews alone (excluding the fake ones) it's a miracle they stayed open for so long. This one from Steven B. from last month is a classic:

"I've now been to Stay Classy three times, and I just had to write my feelings on here - I actually joined Yelp today just so I could share my thoughts about this place, which I think is a complete failure of an establishment.

Been to many movie or character-themed bars and restaurants in my lifetime, and this one has to be the absolute worst. Not impressed with the "effort" put in, which seems like someone got really high one night with his friends after watching the Anchorman gag reel for the thirtieth time and thought that a Will Ferrell bar was a good idea. While this idea might have been original for a minute, it quickly becomes annoying and the decor kind of tawdry once you sit in there for an hour. The "bro" mentality in this place is plentiful, and with that comes a lame vibe and even lamer people at the bar - including the bartenders.

Speaking of bartenders, they have not provided me with a good drink here yet. The first time I went, I think I ordered the Smelly Pirate Hooker, which was a jalapeno-infused margarita. I normally love spicy in my drink, but not when it tastes like bleach and hot dogs. No, literally, it did and almost made me choke. I asked for them to remake it, and they obliged, but the new drink was just as bad. About a month later I went in again, trying to give it a chance - maybe it was a fluke the night I was there. I ordered a shot of whiskey and a pint of Guinness. Figured they couldn't eff that up. And I was very wrong. Turned out they had no Guinness and offered me some other awful beer instead. I drank the watered-down whiskey they served me, and headed to the door, convinced I would never be back. I was wrong about that too.

I got roped into going back there with some friends the other night, and it still has not gotten any better. We had barely gotten through one round of badly mixed drinks (I actually had a beer, and they both went for Whale's Vaginas) before my two friends looked at me and said "you know, you were right, this place is really not good at all." So long, Stay Classy - you really need to up your game."

Anonymous said...

"Whale's Vaginas"? Is that an inside joke?

Gojira said...

"OH goody, I can't wait to see what the next middlebrow-themed bar for bland newbies will be" - Um, @Glenn, don't you mean the next unibrow-themed bar? That sounds more like the kind of clientele he is trying to attract.

Moby said...

@1:02PM. That name is from a joke told by Fifth graders. That's right, they named ther drinks after jokes told by Fifth graders.
Q: Where did they find Moby Dick?
A: Inside a whale's vagina.
It wasn't very funny then, and it isn't funny now.

JQ LLC said...

This era of entrepreneurship is akin to some arrested development cowboy wild west shit.

Sounds like this guy Zach is hitting the road along with Raffi and Kushner. With Raffi having a fire sale and kush avoiding paying utilities in addition to his father in law winning the white house, these guys must be under some sort of scrutiny. A bunch of no talent, no idea chumps and highly suspect.

I can't believe that this and the beetlejuice, in addition to that merica dump, is it suppose to be some bar crawl version of Six Flags? These and every other joint I have read on here even has the long lines just like waiting for the scary new ride.