Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A scene on Avenue A last night

Several EVG readers relayed this story from last night around 9:45 ... on Avenue A under the sidewalk bridge of the incoming Steiner East Village condos between 11th Street and 12th Street.

Here's one account from a nearby resident:

We heard someone yelling "Jesus" and "thank you, Jesus" over and over again ... It went on so long we couldn't believe the person, who we initially thought was a man, didn't lose his voice.

I finally went outside to see where it was coming from, and there was a woman on all fours on the sidewalk yelling at the top of her lungs. The police and an ambulance responded, and they let her yell it out for a bit, then they put her on a gurney and put her in the ambulance.

She continued to yell "Jesus" and "thank you, Jesus" the whole time.


Anonymous said...

And it was a full moon today. The psych wards get very busy every time there a full moon.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about how the people that will move into the fancy new building still under construction are going to handle this kind of thing once they move in. My guess is they aren't going to like it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that this woman was helped, there is a man that sometime walks down 12th St and makes a lot of nonsensical noise time to time. Mental illness can affect anyone no matter how much or little money you have.

Anonymous said...

I think all the construction has disturbed some of the spirits whose bones have probably been backhoed over.

The lux residents living top this cemetery are in for a big surprise.

Anonymous said...

Why do we assume this lady needed help? Maybe it is all of us that are crazy?

Michael Ivan said...

You'd think Jesus could at least be polite and reply "my pleasure" or something.

With you 9:11am. I have called 911 on him twice. Once on 12th at 5am when it seemed like he was yelling at / with a woman. The other time on 10th street around noon, where he was actually stumbling after a woman down the street calling out to her. Both times, the police showed up / called back 20 minutes later, and magically he wasn't exactly where he was twenty minutes prior. I really don't have qualms with the response time, there is probably fish to fry I do not want to know about. More irked that there aren't any beatwalkers to suss this stuff out as they see it, instead of just responding to it.

Overall yes, this will be interesting to see how the 438 East 12th residents respond to some of these happenings. And especially to rat corner just up 12th street north side of street from A. I have become very good at discerning what is a rat scream, they'll get it soon enough too.

Anonymous said...

There is a very loud man around 9th street that comes up behind and yells nasty biased rubbish and carries a large stick. Not good.