Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2 live music venues, Cake Shop and Elvis Guesthouse, closing after New Year's Eve

[EVG file photo of Elvis Guesthouse]

Live music takes another hit as two venues are shutting down after New Year's Eve.

• Elvis Guesthouse, 85 Avenue A

The bar, located in a subterranean space between Fifth Street and Sixth Street, recently confirmed — via Brooklyn Vegan — the rumors of a pending closure.

The venue opened in early 2015 ... and by November 2015 had drawn complaints from neighbors who say the owners didn't do enough to mitigate the noise from the space. At that time they were said to cut back on the number of shows in the space.

Elvis Guesthouse co-owners Zachary Mexico and Billy Jones, who operate Baby's All Right in Williamsburg, are opening a venue on Lafayette near Astor Place described as an "an indie music hall and restaurant."

• Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St.

The 11-year-old cafe/live music venue between Stanton and Rivington has had its share of financial struggles ... which owners Nick and Andy Bodor were able to overcome with a crowdfunding campaign in 2012.

Earlier this year, the owners were looking to sell the ground floor cafe/bar while maintaining the well-curated live-music spot downstairs.

BoweryBoogie has more on what's ahead for the space via an email from the Bodors...

We will close for improvements January 1, and reopen as soon as possible, but the end of Cake Shop in its current incarnation is this coming New Year’s Eve. Tonight is the start of some very, very special goodbye shows, and we’d love to see you all!!

Location and sustainability in our current and long running model have been an issue for more than a long time, as I’m sure you’ve heard me whine about for years. As beloved to you and me as it is, we are failing to keep up with the bills, we have been for years. It’s been the longest, most fulfillable, most enjoyable project of my entire life.

You can find a list of their final shows here.

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Anonymous said...

Cake Shop is said to be transitioning into a regular bar with no live music.

Live music has officially become a liability in the city in the aught-teens. This development reflects on the tastes of the population who lives here now IMO.

Pinch said...

Rockwood Music Hall hosts some good to very good live acts 7 nights a week pretty regularly in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Who needs live music from unknowns when you can stream Kanye and Taylor 24/7?
The sad state on music 2017.

Anonymous said...

I didn't quite understand the problem with Elvis Guesthouse, unless they had a rear window open or something because it's two floors below the apartments. I think it is too small of a space for them to do their thing anyway.

The new location on Lafayette sounds great and it's right here. We used to have ACME, remember, so this is great. All the best. Respect the neighborhood, the people who are holding on and the people doing great things to protect and better the situation.

Anonymous said...

More Luxury Housing=less live music on the Lower East Side.

Anonymous said...

That 428 Lafayette venue won't last.

1. No one brunches in that area.

2. You're douchebags if you cut into Cozy Soup 'N' Burger's business and their French toast will be far less expensive and most likely better than yours (they've been doing it since '72 versus you newjacks.)

A better idea is take over Continental from that herb Trigger. Buy him out and return it to early-mid '90s glory. And bring back St.Mark's Pizza, too!