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Monday, December 17, 2012

Classic Gourmet Deli no longer on Frist Avenue

A few weeks ago, we noted the new signage for the Classic Gourmet Deli on First Avenue... which, as many people pointed out, had its share of typos... including "Frist" Avenue instead of First Avenue.

[Bobby Williams]

Anyway, EVG regular William Klayer reports that the sign has been spellchecked (spell checked? spell-checked?) ...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another East Village deli goes gourmet and food courty

The East Side Gourmet Deli, formerly known as Cibao's, closed on Avenue B at Fourth Street back in early December... The new store is open... same name, new owners, who seem very friendly.

They also have a nice selection of hookah accessories displayed in the front window.

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The food courting of East Village delis continues

Monday, March 21, 2011

The food courting of East Village delis continues

Roger's Garden on First Avenue between First Street and Second Street closed for renovations back in early January... (uncovering a Dash Snow tag on the rolldown gate in the process)

Here's what the space is looking like now...

It's the latest deli to go more upscale... with a new-look that can best be described as New Americana Food Court... similar to other newish eateries-delis in the neighborhood to open in recent months...

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Friday, February 25, 2011

On Avenue C, two new delis, and two bright new signs

The Yankee Two Deli opened this week on Avenue C near Eighth Street... Yankee 1 is up a few blocks at 11th Street... (More here.)

And workers just put up the new Wholesome Foods sign on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Seventh Street... (More here...)

The deli at the Associated at Eighth Street had better step it up or they'll lose the officers and staff from Police Service Area 4 across the street...

Monday, February 21, 2011

The East Village gets a taste of the Hamptons, sort of

Hamptons Market Place, with two locations on the West Side, is taking over the former Olympic Deli space on First Avenue at 13th Street ...

And the new owners have cleared out where the flowers were once sold on the 13th Street side...

...exposing part of the building's original features...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's go Yankees!

Last Monday we noted that the deli/grocery on Avenue C near Eighth Street had closed... And signage has quickly gone up here...

It appears to be another location of the Yankees Deli on 11th Street and Avenue C...

Which replaced Jays...

Yet another more upscale market for Avenue C....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today in grocery/deli comings and goings

The market that took over half of the Dunkin Donuts space on Second Avenue appears to be shuttered... They opened last February....

Meanwhile, on Avenue C near Eighth Street, the market/deli just off the corner ...

... also seems to be closed for good...

Lastly, a reader passes along some information about the Olympic on First Avenue at 13th Street, which is currently closed...

Word is the Olympic has new owners, and will become "an upscale" grocery store/deli...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Avenue C, market known for Cobra Malt Liquor giving way to Wholesome Foods

The market on the corner of Seventh Street and Avenue C has been going under some transformations in recent months... a new name and awning appeared in the fall...

[Photo by Bob Arihood]

And now, the market — dubbed the "Cobra" store for having the best prices on King Cobra Malt Liquor — has closed...

It will soon be home to a Wholesome Foods, a gourmet deli ...

There's another Wholesome Foods on Stanton and Essex. Back in the early summer of 2008, The Villager profiled the Wholesome owners:

When Orlando Rodriguez, 34, was growing up on Suffolk St. on the Lower East Side, the neighborhood was a stark contrast to today’s scene of luxury high-rise apartment buildings and upscale hotels that are fast filling the landscape. Drugs and crime proliferated on the streets.

“All my school friends ended up in jail or dead,” said Rodriguez, whose older brother was murdered in 1987.

While Rodriguez is saddened about the effect of increasing prices and rents driving out many of the people and businesses he grew up with, he feels that the changes on the Lower East Side are a positive thing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

2U (or U2) Karaoke is now open on St. Mark's Place; Hanover Cafe coming soon

All sorts of things happening at the former Mondo Kim's on St. Mark's between Third Avenue and Second Avenue...

The karaoke portion of this new B&T empire opened over the weekend...

The folks behind Hanover Cafe are also part of the World's Fare Market at Citi Field.

Previously hereabouts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nothing compares 2 U?: St Mark's karaoke/billiards/gourmet deli palace gets a sign

That mammoth three-story karaoke/billiards/gourmet deli palace, 2 U Karaoke Lounge Suites at the former Mondo Kim's space on St. Mark's, has unveiled its new signage...

...and it's rather difficult to read...looks like some rejected concepts from U2's PopLife tour...

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Claim: LA's delis are better than NYC's delis

In his new book "Save the Deli," Brooklyn resident David Sax says the country's best delis are in....Los Angeles.

And he didn't come to this decision overnight. As the Los Angeles Times reports:

On a two-month cross-country trip, Sax hit all the major deli hubs: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and, of course, New York, even working for an evening as a counterman at the legendary Katz's deli on Manhattan's Lower East Side. But he also fanned out across North America to Denver; Detroit; Scottsdale, Ariz.; St. Louis; Cleveland; Las Vegas; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Montreal; Toronto; and a dozen other cities. He even made a trip across the Atlantic to visit delis in London, Brussels, Paris and Krakow, Poland, one of the birthplaces of the modern Jewish deli.

Now for some comparisons!

Where New York delis tend to be cramped and covered in an intangible layer of old world schmutz, Los Angeles delis are the height of midcentury, suburban modernity. If New York delis are as intimate and familiar as your bubbe's kitchen, then Los Angeles delis, with their spacious banquettes, polite wait staff and abundant parking, are like younger, sexier spokesmodels for the deli world.

Here's a book excerpt from the

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What we now know about the karaoke empire on St. Mark's Place

On July 11, we pointed out the new "coming soon karaoke lounge suites" signs on the former Mondo Kim's space at 6 St. Mark's Place. Then came the signs telling that a gourmet deli would share this spot.

And now?


So, according to the signs on the door, the gourmet deli is in the basement...billiards on one...housewares on 2 (OK, OK)...presumably the karaoke will take up the rest of the building.


Oh, and the owners will go before the SLA & DCA Licensing Committee again on Sept. 14. They were already turned down for a liquor license in March, as Eater reported.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coming soon: A gourmet deli to go with your karaoke on St. Mark's Place

I wondered how the karaoke joint on St. Marks's at the former home of Mondo Kim's would fill up all that space...

According to plans on the door, we may be in for a gourmet deli.

Seems to make sense. There's already another karaoke place across the street... might as well have another gourmet deli like the one across the street to match...

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