Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Claim: LA's delis are better than NYC's delis

In his new book "Save the Deli," Brooklyn resident David Sax says the country's best delis are in....Los Angeles.

And he didn't come to this decision overnight. As the Los Angeles Times reports:

On a two-month cross-country trip, Sax hit all the major deli hubs: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and, of course, New York, even working for an evening as a counterman at the legendary Katz's deli on Manhattan's Lower East Side. But he also fanned out across North America to Denver; Detroit; Scottsdale, Ariz.; St. Louis; Cleveland; Las Vegas; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Montreal; Toronto; and a dozen other cities. He even made a trip across the Atlantic to visit delis in London, Brussels, Paris and Krakow, Poland, one of the birthplaces of the modern Jewish deli.

Now for some comparisons!

Where New York delis tend to be cramped and covered in an intangible layer of old world schmutz, Los Angeles delis are the height of midcentury, suburban modernity. If New York delis are as intimate and familiar as your bubbe's kitchen, then Los Angeles delis, with their spacious banquettes, polite wait staff and abundant parking, are like younger, sexier spokesmodels for the deli world.

Here's a book excerpt from the


Mykola Dementiuk said...

Oy gevalt?! Los Angeles, ptui!

Anonymous said...

Just like someone from LA to judge a Deli by the availability of parking

Barbara L. Hanson said...

What's with judging a deli by its decor? Feh!

Melanie said...

Gee--Really! Deli New York.