Monday, October 26, 2009

Xoom coming soon

The new canopy is up at Zoom on Seventh Street between Avenue A and First Avenue. We noted back in August that Xoom, a healthy smoothie shop, would be opening soon.

The owner left a comment on that post explaining a little more about Xoom:

Hello everybody. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer London and I am the owner of Xoom. I live in the Lower East Side and am very fond of the East Village, which is why I chose to open there. I wanted to assure you that although there are three other Xooms (all owned and operated by the founder in Tucson), Xoom is far from a chain. I was a regular at Xoom when I lived in Tucson and became friends with the owner. This spring, I asked him if I could open a Xoom in New York and he agreed. For all intents and purposes, this is a locally owned business with its own personality that I assure you will make a good neighbor in the East Village. If you have any questions feel free to go to our website, click on the New York side of the site and you can find my contact info there.

(And for the record, in that post, we also misspelled Tucson about 50 times.)


pinhead said...

Helpful, but what's an infusional? Medical procedure?

Jeremiah Moss said...

oh please. it's a small local chain--from Tucson.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a try, but I wish they'd do juice in additional to smoothies -- although nothing, absolutely nothing will ever pry me away from my beloved Liquiteria (2nd @ 11th). And I still miss Jubb's Longevity dammit.

I also have no clue what an infusional is!

Jennifer London said...

Hello all. It is true, I am finally opening at the end of this month, November 23 to be exact. I am having a small party on Sunday the 22nd in the afternoon if you would like to stop by and try some free samples of our smoothies. As for the infusional-- infusionals are smoothies made with a shot of espresso in them. There is also one with chai and one with mate.

I hope to see you soon.