Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other CB3/SLA highlights:

Thanks to an EV Grieve reader, we got a nice rundown on what happened at the CB3/SLA meeting Monday night. Given that the reader had plans for Thanksgiving, he or she couldn't stay for the entire meeting. (OK -- terrible joke.)

Eater's Gabe Ulla was able to stay for the five-hour mini-series. Here are a few more highlights from the night:

-- Billa NYC (82 2nd Ave., in the former Mission space), Uncle Charlie’s (87 Ludlow), Spina (175 Ave B), Tenzin and Tenzin (306 E. 6th), Wo Hop (17 Mott), Agnes and Eva’s Tasty Goods (243 E. 13th) and St. Dymphna’s (118 St. Mark’s) were all approved in their respective categories. In almost all cases, the board stipulated that restaurants cut down their hours of operation.

-- Thailand Café and St. Mark’s Burger were denied sidewalk café licenses.

The Lo-Down was also at the meeting and captured the spirited debate over Le Souk.

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ak said...

wait, isn't wo hop still open 24hours? does this mean that it no longer will be?

i'm kinda annoyed at losing 24 hour places to eat (ok - im mostly referring to odessa but still).