Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chico's new anti-violence mural on Houston and Avenue B

As we mentioned on Monday, the Lower Eastside Girls Club was bringing Chico back from Florida to paint a few murals. Yesterday, Chico and the POP (Power of Peace) Youth Anti-Violence Coalition finished work on a new mural on Houston at Avenue B.

The Lo-Down stopped by to catch the work in progress yesterday.


Media glut said...

Too bad it's not at all imaginative and unattractive.

I'm not a big Chico fan. I mean there are a lot of artists in this hood who could make something so much better. Did he really have to be brought back from Florida for this?

I think his best piece in the water spa thing on 2nd St & 1st Ave. At least it is not ugly. But I have a notion someone else designed it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, are we supposed to pretend this is good? Looks like it was done by a kindergarden class. Back in the day, he would do murals for businesses, and those were kind of cool, like the one for the pet store on Houston (a hotel now, I think.) But this is just sad. Like praising a developmentally challenged child. "Very good, Chico! Very gooood!"

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

This is cool--it gets the message across--but I think all the wonderful "graffiti"artists out there should be given a chance to showcase their art works too!