Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The future of 95 Avenue A

Just confirming one thing from Monday night's CB3/SLA meeting. Our reader in attendance thought that the people behind Cien Fueguos -- coming to 95 Avenue A at Sixth Street -- also had something to do with Death & Co. and Bourgeois Pig.

Indeed, that's the case, as Eater's Gabe Ulla reported:

Cienfuegos restaurant (95 Ave. A) was the rare case of a new app within a resolution area receiving unanimous approval from the board. The restaurant’s team, which consists of Luis Gonzalez (ex-Mercer Kitchen) and Death & Co. and Bourgeois Pig operatives, knew exactly what they had to do to sway the board: they presented petitions with over 1,000 signatures, demonstrated the public benefit from having a straight-up Cuban restaurant in a city that doesn't have many of them, and stressed their nearly immaculate records.

I'm all for "a straight-up Cuban restaurant," but, given the pedigree of the owners here, is the neighborhood in for, say, $26 mojitos?


Laura Goggin Photography said...

$26 mojitos won't fly when you can get 2-4-1 margaritas across the street at Sidewalk for $8.

I do look forward to good Cuban food, though...

Anonymous said...

How does Death and Comp. have a "nearly immaculate record" when they've been at war with neighbors since day one?

Anonymous said...

Because of their management teams success of The Bourgeois Pig and Global 33 , which neither have any problems.