Friday, October 23, 2009

Nuts? One plan to expand Tompkins Square Park

Last Friday, we ran the post on Yelp's reviews of Tompkins Square Park. And a commenter floated this idea:

I keep thinking: I'd love to see the park grow into Ave. A and Ave. B, even given the obvious work that would have to done to reroute traffic, etc. (Well, Union Sq. expanded into the street. And, the George Hecht Viewing Gardens grew up in the street. And, um, well, yes, it would require some doing. I know it's nuts. The Parks Dept. is more likely to, I dunno, turn the Temperance Fountain into a Shacklet and set up craft vendor stalls in the oval, at best, than get expansionist on our asses.)

The expansion would present logistical nightmares galore. (And what to do with the Farmer's Market? Move it to Seventh or 10th Street?). And what purpose would this additional space really provide?

Still, using our sub-remedial Photoshop skills.... dare we dream?


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ha, this would make a great April Fool's prank.

Eden Bee said...

Fuck, i wish the whole city was Tompkins Square park.

EV Grieve said...

Agreed, Eden!

Anonymous said...

...what to do with the Farmer's Market?...

Do what they do at Union Sq., put it in an access road. (Or, in the short term, on the current 9th St. road through the park.)

8th St. and St. Marks on either side of the park become dead end streets. (8th on the east side has zero traffic right now. Traffic that's currently on St. Marks would reroute to 7th and 10th.) 7th and 10th Street stay they way they are. 9th St. is, yes, more problematic. There's on traffic on the east side but there's the bus route on the west side, etc. Perhaps leave 9th St. open, reworked more or less like the north corners of Union Sq.(Paved corners on the north would also work for the Farmer's Market.)

Your Photoshop makes me think it's worth campaigning for a larger park. TSP has changed over the years as the neighborhood changed. Why not leave a larger park for our kids? What's the downside? Maybe there's room for a bandshell on the corner of 7th and A!

EV Grieve said...


Now you're talking!