Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. C's, we hardly knew ye

Well, this was one of the quicker open-and-shut eateries that we can recall...

Mr. C's, the Italian Trattoria that opened back in May on Avenue C near Seventh Street, certainly appears to be closed. It has been dark the past few times that we've walked by... and there's not much inside to indicate the place has seen any life of late.

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Anonymous said...

Never saw too many people in there; I live around the corner. Another "Italian bistro" was not likely to make it in this world.

Anonymous said...

i had dinner there in june, my dish wasn't the great, but my friends who ordered pizza did say it was good. i tried to order the pizza once but couldn't find the menu on menu pages. the decor was pretty bad. its a step up from the chinese place that was there a few years ago, so maybe the next place will be better!