Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Extra Place is all pretty much Momofuku Ko now

In January 2007, WWD ran a story titled "Extra Place: Paris on the Lower East Side." At that time, reps for Avalon Bowery Place unveiled plans to make Extra Place, the pedestrian walkway off First Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue, "a slice of the Left Bank, a pedestrian mall lined with interesting boutiques and cafes."

As noted here in these subsequent years, a handful of restaurants and businesses have come and gone. The most recent casualty was Red Hook Lobster Pound, which went dark last April.

[Photo from April 2017]

Only David Chang's Momofuku Ko has had any success in this former alley that ran behind CBGB. Momofuku Ko, which relocated to 8 Extra Place from First Avenue in November 2014, expanded into some adjacent storefronts late last summer.

Now it appears that Momofuku Ko has nearly three-quarters of the Place. The Japanese housewares boutique Nalata Nalata has the corner space at No. 2. No. 18 is a prep kitchen for Daniel Boulud. The space that housed the Lobster Pound is now storage.

There's still a sign up in Extra Place optimistically noting "open to the public & public seating." Maybe Momofuku Ko will one day offer to serve its $195 tasting menu outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

zero foot traffic = zero business

Anonymous said...

This is one of the more notable real estate cons in the area. Over ten years since this announcement and it is still a sterile alley with nowhere to sit.

MrNiceGuy said...

People will seek Momofuku Ko out, so it's kind of the perfect restaurant for an area with no foot traffic (and a kind of weird vibe). I'm glad they've been able to make it work down there

Anonymous said...

Does that sign say Red Fuck Lobster Pound?

Giovanni said...

Of course it’s dead, it's The Bowery.

So how is Sorbillio, that new soggy pizza place up the street that DeBlasio was promoting doing now? I see on Yelp they have already raised prices on all items by $2-$5 and the cheapest glass of wine is $13. Their calzone is $18. Speaking of pizza, I’m still waiting for Joe & Pat to get their act together; when Artichoke Pizza moved across 14th Street after the fire they opened the new place in record time. C’mon Joe and Pat, were ready for some Staten Island pizza.