Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saluté proposed for 9th Street

Applicants for a new bar-restaurant called Saluté are on tonight's CB3-SLA committee docket for licensing at 214 E. Ninth St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue...

The questionnaire on file (PDF here) at the CB3 website for public viewing shows that Saluté will have nine tables accommodating 50 people as well as two bars in the lower level. The proposed hours are 5 p.m to 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday; until 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

These applicants have never been licensed before, though they do have restaurant experience. (The questionnaire has their résumés.)

The questionnaire also includes a section titled "noise management plan" ... it helpfully notes that the bar portion of the place is in the basement "so any noise will not directly be heard on the ground level"

No word in the plan on what happens when their patrons reach the sidewalk.

There's also a sample menu...

The previous tenant here. Dahlia's Tapas Wine Bar, shut down in December 2016.

Meanwhile, next door... the hair salon Hoshi Coupe II packed up and relocated to Chelsea...


CB3's SLA committee meets tonight at the Public Hotel, 17th Floor, Sophia Room, 215 Chrystie St. between Houston and Stanton. The festivities start at 6:30.

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Anonymous said...

"so any noise will not directly be heard on the ground level"
what about the noise between 2 - 4 am when drunk patrons spill out to the sidewalk and a swarm of Ubers, taxis honk horns?