Wednesday, February 14, 2018

More details on the all-new playground coming to P.S. 19

[Photo by Steven]

Last Wednesday, we noted that renovations were underway on the playground behind P.S. 19 on First Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street.

This came about via funding by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and (now-former) City Council member Rosie Mendez in conjunction with the Trust for Public Land.

Mary Alice Lee, director, NYC Playgrounds Program for the Trust for Public Land, shared more details about the project.

Working with landscape architects from Studio HIP, the Trust for Public Land engaged the P.S. 19 community — students and parents, teachers and staff — as well as local residents and members of the Sirovich Senior Center on 12th Street in a participatory design process last year.

Per Lee:

The playground will feature a synthetic turf field, a painted track, play equipment, trees, a garden area with an outdoor classroom, a green-roof gazebo, junior basketball, benches, game tables, student art and an outdoor ping-pong table.

It was designed as a green infrastructure playground, and will capture hundreds of thousands of gallons of stormwater each year.

Weather permitting, the work should be complete early this summer. The playground will be open to the community until dusk, after school and on weekends and holidays — just not when in use by P.S. 19 or any of their after-school programs.

And here's a look at the final plan...

[Click on image for more detail]


Anonymous said...

And still the old Stuyvesant Street remnant persists.

Anonymous said...

this will be nice for the kids, must admit the just blacktop and deflated ball and dead plant here and there was never that inspiring.

cmarrtyy said...

Great addition for the neighborhood. The old playground was bleak and uninviting to say the least. The new model seems to be geared for activities. And throw in a few trees for aesthetics and there you go - a modern, useful playground for the kids and the neighborhood!