Friday, February 16, 2018

EV Grieve Etc.: Mapping East Village pizzerias; power-washing with Christo and Nora

[Photo today by Peter Brownscombe]

City Council members push Cuomo to declare a NYCHA state of emergency (Curbed)

Mapping all the East Village pizzerias (Best Pizza NYC)

The latest on 85 Bowery (The Lo-Down)

Lanaza's old murals look intact at the opening-soon Joe & Pat's on First Avenue (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York ... previously)

The 2018 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival is Feb. 23-25 at the Village East on Second Avenue (Official site)

Christo and Nora make the best of the rain (Laura Goggin Photography)

Theater for the New City on First Avenue announces Charles Busch's new show (Official site)

A new Safe Haven shelter is opening on East 17th Street in April (Town & Village)

The plan to fill in the East River in 1916 (Ephemeral New York)

Last year's subway outage will cost Con Ed $202 million (Bloomberg)

Shake Shack expects to open between 32 and 35 new restaurants in the U.S. in 2018 (CNBC)

The play "Imperfect Love" has been extended by a week (now to Feb. 24) at the Connelly Theater on Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. The director, East Village resident Michael Di Jiacomo, described the work this way: "It's essentially the story of a little Italian theater troupe trying to survive circa 1898 — not unlike our situation." The play is presented by John Turturro, who did a film adaptation of the story in 1998. Find ticket info here.

[A scene from "Imperfect Love"]

And as recently noted, the Exclusive Smoke Shop and Deli on Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street became Vape and Smoke (which is not to be confused with Vape N Smoke on Second Avenue) ...

A tipster told us that they removed the sign because because passersby saw the bearded dude and thought this was a barber shop (for real) ... so now!

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Anonymous said...

Pie By The Pound should be added to the East Village pizza list for 38 pizzerias in the East Village because Fourth Avenue PBTP is on is part of the East Village which is bounded by the south side of 14th Street to the north, the north side of Houston Street to the south, the East River to the east, and the east side of Broadway to the west. Fourth Avenue is a block east of Broadway and below 14th Street.

Tell me Fourth Avenue is not part of the EV and you’re telling me Strand Bookstore on the east side of Broadway at 12th Street is not part of the EV and that’s ridiculous. Strand is too far south to be considered part of Union Square and too far east to be considered part of Greenwich Village, and Fourth Avenue is a block east of it and Broadway so how could Fourth Avenue not be part of the EV?