Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reader report: manhole explosion on 2nd Avenue

Early this morning, there was a manhole explosion on Second Avenue between First Street and Houston ... Felton Davis, who shared these photos, reports that the block is closed and there is an array of helicopters overhead ... Con Ed and the FDNY are on the scene.

No reports of injuries or cause at the moment.

CBS New York reports that three manhole covers were blown off ... "but there are no reports of any smoke, fire or power outages."


Anonymous said...

There was a manhole explosion at 2nd Avenue and 3rd not too long ago. There was also a big gas leak that went into all the buildings around 4th and 3rd Streets. ConEd has been working on the avenue from 4th Street down for months, opening the street up over and over again. Something is going on here and we are not getting the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Wow the underground infrastructure in this area must be really old and bad. I still remember the frozen car on 2nd street.

JQ LLC said...

There have been reports on manhole explosions and electrical fires in other towns resulting from a combination of the rock salt and snow after it melts. Most recently last week during that underwhelming snowstorm that barely hit the city.

I don't claim to be an expert on science or anything else really, but I think when the city decides to let sanitation spray the streets with salt before even a drop of snow hits the ground or when it starts the early snow melts and seeps through quicker. And when the sanitation dept spreads the salt they really go overboard with it.

No doubt the infrastructure is old as shit, just like the MTA's signal system. And all the tower pestilence and overcrowding bursting at the seems populace now in the city and the boroughs sucking up all that energy is pushing the power grid to the limits.

I hope people don't say you didn't warn anybody.


JQ LLC said...

I should have saw the channel 2 clip first. Those explosions happened on the block where that development is taking place.

I will posit another theory going by the suspicions of 10:20 a.m.. Something is being covered up here involving the developers and the city. I base this on the way de Faustio and his cult-like staff have been tamping down the severity of crimes in homeless shelters and the NYPD's unofficial and ignored widespread scandal doing the same with felony crimes and fabricating witnesses to close cases.

It's going to be interesting what the D.O.B.'s findings will be from this. And if they will be just as creative.