Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backhoe Beamer — explained!

[ Via @DicksCottons]

So the Post set out to learn more about the Backhoe Beamer, which residents discovered on Bleecker near Mott this past weekend. Just what happened here?

The heavy-duty piece of construction equipment lost battery power over the weekend, and ended up in back of, above and in front of the vehicle ...

A construction worker finally moved the John Deere machine yesterday morning, telling The Post that its battery ran down by “accident.”

The equipment belongs to a Long Island contractor fixing a nearby city water main. A company rep said that they would pay for the damages to the car (a few dents on the hood), which belongs to an anesthesiologist who lives across the street.

The story also sparked debate: Is it Beamer, Beemer or Bimmer (via purists)?


Anonymous said...

> Is it Beamer, Beemer or Bimmer
> (via purists)?

bummer, in this case.


abrod said...

Among the faithful, "Bimmer" is used in reference to the cars and "Beamer" refers to the motorcycles. Infuriatingly, in spoken conversation both are pronounced "beemer."

Pumpkin Patch said...

11:05, fantastic. +1

W/R/T the whole Beamer/Bimmer debate. People that call BMW (cars) "Beemers" are wrong AND trying too hard. The people that correct them are just trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

Of course PP would know about BMWs, thanks, trust fund. "The people that correct them are just trying too hard", which means PP is just trying too hard too.

Crazy Eddie said...

Reading the article, I was not aware that a backhoe bucket height was maintained by battery power, not strictly mechanical like a parking brake? Yes, the driver supposedly “backed" into the bucket? Looks like John P. Picone Inc. resides on Bullshit Mountain.