Friday, May 31, 2019

MAD Toast House bringing bubble tea and toast to 9th Street

[Photo on May 16 by Steven]

A new cafe called MAD Toast House is coming to 332 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

The Toast House, which serves a variety of bubble tea, sparkling water and toast-related creations, is having a soft-opening today ahead of a grand opening on June 10, per the shop's Instagram account.

Speaking of Instagram, a look at some of their offerings...

This space was home for 44 years to Clayworks Pottery, which was forced to close in the fall of 2017 thanks to predatory landlord Raphael Toledano.


sophocles said...

It appears that the noodle bubble is coming to an end, to be replaced by a bubble-tea bubble? I tried Bubbleology on First Ave. the other day, and it was surprisingly tasty.

Peachy McPeachface said...

I so miss Clayworks. Damn to hell the Great Beast Toledano! I have about eight pieces of Helaine’s splendid work, and wish I could acquire more. She was such a beloved East Village presence. Oh well, maybe she will be back with another studio.

Wink2x said...

Thanks for the back pat, Peachy! If you, or anyone else are looking for more of my pottery, I have continued to sell my remaining stock
(housed in storage right now). Many of my neighbors in the EV and customers old and new have reached out to me since I kept Clayworks’s phone number-212-677-8311- so please feel free to contact me-I can meet you at The Bean with the goods!