Friday, May 24, 2019

The FryGuys space is for rent on 2nd Street

A for-rent sign hangs in the front window at the now-closed FryGuys at 150 E. Second St. just east of Avenue A.

There isn't any mention of a closure or relocation on the shop's website or social media properties.

FryGuys, which served a variety of french fries and potato dishes, opened in September 2017.

The closure comes nearly three months after the sale of 24 Avenue A (aka 150 E. Second St.). The Sabet Group bought the building for $15.8 million, per public records.

According to the listing at Compass, the asking rent for the 400-square-foot space is $4,561.87 per month with $79,000 in key money.


JJ Jackson said...

I'm feeling old - I think that was the location for the skate shop Autumn and I think I was in the Vietnamese sandwich place that followed Autumn a few times.

Too many empty storefronts up and down Ave. B...

sophocles said...

Commercial rents in the EV are high-stakes poker. The Fryguys are paying $139 per sq foot (annually). I read that LA is half that rate.

Anonymous said...

Such expensive rents why even bother. That place had a cool classic East Village vibe. I don't really buy fries much but seemed like a good business around here.