Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A discovery in Tompkins Square Park

Leah Tinari, the East Village-based artist, shared this photo with us.

Earlier today in Tompkins Square Park, her son Mars found this Garden State Crematory ID near the playground construction toward Avenue B and Seventh Street.

This find sent all of us to research this business. The Garden State Crematory was established in North Bergen, New Jersey, in 1907. Notable cremations here include Sid Vicious, Joan Rivers and Kate Spade.

Not sure how this ended up in the Park... likely someone spreading the ashes of a loved one, per cmarrtyy in the comments.

About the discovery, Mars said, via his mom: "I just have a habit of looking down not to step in dog poop, and you know, I like to find stuff."


cmarrtyy said...

There's a number at the bottom. Did you ask the crematory who is associated with the number? Just curious. Maybe somebody spread the ashes in the park...

Anonymous said...

@cmarrtyy great thought! followup!