Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A moment with the Party Bus Express on Avenue A this morning

A dispatch from this morning via EVG reader Clare Farris...

This guy was on the east side of Avenue A between Fifth Street and Sixth Street at 7 a.m., bus turned off, blocking the entire stop, just chillin. I pointed to the sign and made wtf hands, and he opened the door to talk.
This is a bus stop.

What do you think this is? (Kind of pointing to his obvious bus.)

This is a city bus stop. People get on and off here.

I’m allowed to be here, my friend. [doors close]

The MTA bus driver almost didn’t stop, had to be waved down like a taxi, and wouldn’t even acknowledge me when I asked if he had any way to report shit like this.

If it had been pretty much any other kind of bus, I could carry on with my life. Not when it’s a Party Bus Express.


Anonymous said...

Do you think a complaint to the offending bus company might help?

I'm sure you could get NYC to respond to this IF you had time to stick around (which I realize you likely don't, esp. if you're headed to work).

Or maybe try Carlina Rivera's office???

Jen V. said...

Look at you Clare, waving at buses!

2ndAveSilverPanther said...

I agree, 11:21 AM. My instant response was "contact Carlina Rivera's office." This is exactly the kind of stuff she should address. Such selfish, blatant abuse of the public cannot be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to them on their website.

jpgale said...

Here’s party bus ny’s phone number


Anonymous said...

Was he idling? You can now videotape and report idling buses and trucks, and the city gives you a cut of the fines!

Anonymous said...

Even if he wasn't idling. Bus stops are a "no standing" zone. (essentially same as idling without the engine on).

Anonymous said...

Download the app Reported to submit these complaints to city 311 and actually get results! Don’t use regular 311, use Reported.
Or take a 4 minute video (2 minute in school zone) if the bus or any vehicle is idling and the city actually pays you 20% of the fine based on your video evidence! Google NYC DEP Citizen Air Complaint Form

Unknown said...

He wasn't idling. He was parked, as if Bus Stop meant a place he could park his bus. He said to me, 'I'm allowed to be here, my friend.' Like a Bus Stop is a place where you can park your bus, if you happen to be driving one.

Jared the NYC Tour Guide said...

Charter buses are only allowed to expeditiously load or unload passengers in New York City bus stops, not park in them.

That being said, there is dwindling opportunity for buses to layover anywhere in NYC, yet tourism employs 1/9 New Yorkers, bringing in over $40 billion annually, nearly half of the cost of our city's budget.