Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A new sign for Commodities

[Photo by Steven]

The new signage arrived for Commodities Health Food on Monday here at 165 First Ave. between 10th Street and 11th Street.

As we reported in January, new ownership took over the Commodities Natural Market. The owner, Ashok Patel, took EVG correspondent Steven at the time that he'd eventually be changing the name to Commodities Health Food.

Commodities first opened here between 10th Street and 11th Street in 1993. Last fall, there were rumors that the health-focus market was closing. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Any reader thoughts on the shop these days? On second thought, don't share your thoughts on the shop these days! There's always Yelp!

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Anonymous said...

Beware, the new owners are not friendly nor helpful. They have taken familiar products out. After more than 10 years, I will no longer shop there...sad

Anonymous said...

Still a good food store, but they haven't had Yucatan Guacomle for two weeks. I can't find it anywhere. Are they still in business?

Anonymous said...

I also found that quite a few products that I have used in the past were not there but I could see that there appeared to be some gaps on shelves. I will have to see if there continues to be fewer products that I like there. It also seemed that prices were higher on some items. If I can find what I want in other places, especially for less money, I will go there less and less.

Dan said...

another reader comments, ".. the new owners are not friendly nor helpful..."

The previous owners barely present! And it showed from time to time, with perishable inventory on shelves past sell-by dates.

My first bad experience with the new owners came with a purchase of ice cream that had thawed and then re-frozen, thus ruined but still sold as good, etc.

I loved Commodities in its old form and am also concerned about the new ownership, mostly because I wonder if the new owners actually understand what they are selling. I also don't appreciate religious iconography posted on the walls behind the cash register.

Small things matter: they have changed out their super-robust re-usable plastic bags for flimsy ones that can only be used once before being discarded.

Still, I wonder what their plans are...they have installed a sink and work area in the front of the store. Are they planning on selling prepared foods?

Anonymous said...

There are some changes going on here but they make sense. I will like to buy fresh juice here. This remains my go to spot for grains, dairy and bulk items. The new folks seems a bit unfriendly but once I engaged them they showed a very friendly side. Give them a smile and talk to them a bit.

noble neolani said...

To the others people commenting here, it's ok to ask the store manager to order something for you if you don't see it, they would appreciate your feedback and want you find what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

i still go there, despite everything, over the years

Anonymous said...

Good lord. The old guard at Commodities was the most unfriendly, rude, checked out bunch I've ever encountered. 10 years of my 'Thank you's,' after a purchase was only ever met by 'Uh huh,' or 'Yeah.' Worst cashiers ever. Bad produce. A god damn hole in the ceiling and a family of sparrows living in the store. Can anyone say DOH violation? And yet this crowd has the audacity to pine away for the old . Why? Because they hate anything new. Insane.

La vie est belle said...

A juice bar is a great use of that front window space and could bring in some of the young new folks in the hood who frequented Liquiteria. Prices have to go up a bit on all products, hopefully not by too much. I've noticed some incorrectly priced items too and called it out, but I expect that it happens with new employees. No biggie. The feedback I've gotten is that the new owners are looking for customer input on products and prices, and they are always hanging around in the aisles for that reason. They may not be smiling but hey neither am I. This is my go-to market so I'm definitely giving them my feedback, not just on this blog. Are bit the cashiers a bit on the surly side? Sure. But it's not unexpected in our nabe. They are always decent to me, I believe for the most part that you get what you give. And god knows I'd hate a job that includes running out the crazies on a daily basis.