Friday, May 17, 2019

Report: Ex admits to murdering Elizabeth Lee on Cooper Square

[Photo from March 2018]

Vincent Verdi, a former federal intelligence officer, pleaded guilty to murder in the 2nd degree yesterday for gunning down Elizabeth Lee on Cooper Square as she arrived for work on Nov. 1, 2017.

As the Daily News reported last evening, Verdi told a judge he was remorseful for killing Lee.

"These words come of a heavy heart,” Verdi said in Manhattan Supreme Court. "My sorrow for what I did has no limit, and is also true of my regret for the pain and anguish I have caused to many, many people."

The terms of this deal will see Verdi, 63, serve at least 18 years for the murder.

Lee, who was 56 and a mother of two grown children, lived on the Upper East Side. She had just docked a Citi Bike when Verdi approached her and shot her twice. He then shot himself in the head.

According to previous reports in the Daily News, Verdi spent four months stalking and harassing Lee. Police had arrested him previously for stalking. She had an order of protection barring him from contacting her, which was in place the morning he killed her.

The DA's office originally charged him with murder, weapons possession, aggravated criminal contempt and stalking.

Lee was a longtime administrator at the nearby Grace Church School. She was remembered as a devoted mother and a friend to many.

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Anonymous said...

Was walking to the subway that morning and I was there moments after it happened. The image still haunts me. RIP Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

Orders of protection do nothing.... this dude didnt deserve to survive.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does it take to be a 1st degree charge?
Should serve life with maybe chance for parole in 18.

Sarah said...

Often there doesn't seem to be much point in keeping people in jail when they become seniors, but this guy is clearly rotten to the core. I hope he dies in there.

Giovanni said...

Are we really supposed to believe he’s remorseful now? Where was his remorse as he mercilessly stalked Elizabeth Lee for months, a woman he met on, a woman he had no other connection with other than an online dating service? After shooting and killing her in cold blood, he reportedly kicked her body, apparently to make sure she was dead, before putting the gun to his own chin to attempt to commit suicide. But he couldn't even do that right.

Elizabeth Lee had an order of protection against him, which he knew, and he still pursued her. She had told her building doormen to alert her when they saw him stalking outside her apartment building. Where was his remorse as he terrified her for months after their breakup?

This is a timeline of the emails and letters sent to Elizabeth Lee-Herman from twisted killer Vincent Verdi months before her murder. He had plenty of time to show remorse before murdering her.

July 7 — Lee-Herman ended relationship with Verdi.
July 7 — He began repeated calls, texts and emails.
July 30 — Sent her chocolates and flowers.
Aug. 10 — Showed up at her dentist appointment.
Aug. 14 — Called her at work several times.
Aug. 16 — Confronted her at a theater while she was on a date.
Aug. 17 — Waited outside her school.
Aug. 23 — Stopped her on the sidewalk on her way home from work.
Aug. 31 — Sent her six emails and a message.
Sept. 1-9 — Sent her 10 emails.
Sept. 4 — Sent her a gift certificate for three massages and a letter.
Nov. 1 — Shot her to death.