Saturday, May 18, 2019

Reminders: the Dance Parade and DanceFest is today!

As you've likely noticed, barricades are up along St. Mark's Place (above) ahead of the 13th annual Dance Parade (and DanceFest!) this afternoon.

The parade begins at 1 p.m. at 21st Street and Broadway, and will feature live bands, DJs and a lot of dancers — more than 80 styles of dance and nearly 200 groups. (This link has a list of all the participants.)

The route eventually passes Astor Place and moves along St. Mark's Place ... wrapping up in Tompkins Square Park... where DanceFest 2019 happens from 3-7 p.m. "with choreographed performances, dance lessons, aerial and social dance – on five stages, all free to the public."


Scuba Diva said...

Good thing we had the warning of the barricades, so I can brace myself!

All roads lead to Tompkins—that's the bad news.

John Penley said...

To quote Peter Missing..1933 The Party's Over folks. Enjoy... because it looks like this could be the last NYC dance party before war with Iran and possibly even WW 3.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. I will stay inside of my flat and binge watch Amazon Prime away from the noise and insanity.

2ndAveSilverPanther said...

Not sure why anyone would have a problem with the Dance Parade. Maybe the energy and joyful noise is threatening to the timid souls of our suburban transplants. I guess Santa Con is more your cup of tea.