Monday, May 20, 2019

The Alley signage arrives on Cooper Square; more bubble tea on the way

Signage is up at 68 Cooper Square (across from Cooper Union) for The Alley, marking the first NYC location for the growing Taiwanese bubble tea chain.

Cutting and pasting this next section via Eater, who first reported on the Alley's June arrival:

With the aid of social media, Alley’s Instagrammable sweet drinks and decor have attracted fervent milk tea lovers to line up for hours for a sip of tea whenever a new store opens. Chinese people coin tea shops like the Alley as the “internet celebrity tea,” meaning the tea goes viral overnight on social media, like internet celebrities.

In the upcoming New York Alley, customers can pick a drink from a menu of two dozens teas that range from bubble tea to fruit tea. “Brown sugar deerioca” — the brand’s logo is a deer head — is a signature milk-based sweet drink with no tea in it. Alley’s other popular drinks are made of fresh milk and local black or green tea. The tapioca pearls, or what the Alley calls deerioca, are made by the restaurant.

The Alley abandons artificial syrup, instead using a syrup it makes from Taiwanese brown cane sugar. All the ingredients, save for fresh fruits, will be imported from Taiwan.


Gar said...

A copycat of Tiger Sugar, which just opened their first branch in Flushing, too.

Anonymous said...

Who drinks all this bubble tea?

Anonymous said...

@11:17am: That was exactly my question. I don't know anyone who drinks that stuff regularly, but maybe I just don't run with the right crowd!