Saturday, July 31, 2021

Revel Without A Cause

Second Street at First Avenue this morning. 

And I have been waiting my whole life to use that headline! 

The officers let out a Revel yell upon leaving...


  1. wow - a rare tow by the NYPD

  2. Ha yes funny. Revel without a clue as it is going to cost the renter of that motor scooter quite a few bucks to get it out of the NYPD tow pound.

  3. I wonder who will pay the renter or the rental company. Revel has your credit card # so will likely bill the renter.

  4. Hard to believe NYPD has tow trucks since they are never used to tow cars parked at fire hydrants, blocking crosswalks, parking on sidewalks or just blocking the Avenue B Open Street activities with clearly posted No Parking signs

  5. I hope the renter gets stuck with the entire tow charge, AND has all the fun of dealing with the NYC tow pound.

  6. Ya see the street scam where someone asks you to help them unlock the citibike for them - with your credit card?

  7. 4 out of 5 Revel mopeds in the East Village, and especially in Alphabet City, are illegally parked.
    2 out of those 4 are just parked with the front towards the sidewalk, instead of the back, and the other 2 are parked in any crazy manner you can imagine.
    I have a collection of about 500 pictures to prove my stats.

  8. Am shocked that NYPD has the time to tow a Revel. Meanwhile they merely pass by Kavasutra, whose patrons illegally park on both sides of their outdoor dining on 10th st (and by Tompkins!) everyday with their luxury cars…smh.

  9. Cannot believe those revels were ever allowed to be out there


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