Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dark jazz: Rue-B closes, leaving Avenue B

Photo yesterday by Stacie Joy

Rue-B, the bar and live music venue specializing in jazz at 188 Avenue B, has closed after nearly 23 years in business here between 11th Street and 12th Street. (H/T Lilly!)

Mike Camacho, who has owned the spot for the past five years, made the announcement in a video clip posted on Instagram

He said that they will be reopening at a location TBD at a later date. 

While he didn't name a specific reason for the closure, Rue-B's Instagram page states: "We apologize after almost 23 yrs we were forced to close down. Thank U East Village NYC 4 for allowing us to serve you spirits & live Jazz. With Love Rue-B." 

You can watch Camacho's farewell and thank you to patrons below...


  1. This is a big loss to the neighborhood, spent many enjoyable evenings at Rue B, good luck with a new location

  2. Sad to see them go but I do feel for the neighbors who had to put up with the live music outside in the last year or so. It was like Mardi Gras on that block and impossible for people there to get any sleep.

    1. Rue B was always respectful with noise level and times playing and I lived very close by. Comparing it to Marsi Gras is inflammatory and no way based in reality

  3. Tragic. Their commitment to live jazz in this flavorless era was admirable.

  4. If you want Mardi Gras hit up St Marks between 1st and Ave A. The Ave B businesses were always respectful and haven’t ever gone too late into the night.

    I’ll be missing RueB even more than I miss Zum Schneider!

  5. Oh this is such a sad loss. Many, many happy hours spent there, late night jazz and weekend brunches too.

  6. It was very sudden. It felt weird to see the outdoor space dismantled.
    It's like a black hole in space now. I am going to miss it. Just passing by on the sidewalk with the music playing made me happy, I felt I was in a musical...

  7. I loved this place but I can't deny it got loud when the music moved outside and they opened the outdoor shed. It was like Mardi Gras on many nights and such a release for all of us who had been stuck inside all those months. I will miss this place and hope they can find another location in the neighborhood.

  8. Wow that was certainly unexpected. They seem to be doing more business since set up the outdoors. Wonder if they're gonna take over that old bbq spot on Ave. A/13th

  9. That is really sad, amazing place, and owner, and track record of excellence. Good luck Michael!

  10. I miss this place dearly. I sense this might be a problem with the block and building? It’s one of the smelliest blocks in the neighborhood. Does anyone know why? I feel the surrounding bars are definitely affected.


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