Friday, October 22, 2021

Stromboli is back open

Stromboli Pizza, sidelined since early August with a building-related gas issue, reopened yesterday on First Avenue at St. Mark's Place. (Thanks to everyone who shared this news via email!) 

As previously noted, we were told that there was a gas-line issue with the building at 83 St. Mark's Place/135 First Ave. The gas issue impacts the building's residents as well, sources said. 

Steven shared these photos, including of Joseph, Stromboli's owner...
Dan & John's next door has also been closed these past two-plus months. The wing shop has not yet reopened.


  1. Come start a business in NYC! You’re invited to a very competitive market where the competition is who can pay higher rent! If that doesn’t get your juices flowing, you then you’ll enjoy the city shutting down your business willy nilly, provide no financial support, and put you in an unknown queue of when you reopen. But wait there’s more! Invest another 30000 to build a shack outside your business that will in no way guarantees any return in investment! It’ll be the small business of your dreams if you can find someone to work at it. Come on down and hurry, these prices only go up up up!

    1. You meant 3000, outdoor dining sheds do not cost 30,000.

    2. The nice ones do. Ask the owners what they spent on materials and labor.

  2. Welcome back! Is there any news on Cosmos Laundry Mat across the street on 1st between 9th and St Marks reopening? They also have been closed due to gas issues…

  3. @12 32, well the city has decided that propane heaters are dangerous and won't be permitted for outdoor dining this winter but now initiated a program for restaurants to apply for $5000 grants for electric and natural gas.


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