Tuesday, October 19, 2021

When life gives you a bulky sidewalk bridge, play tetherball

As seen today on the Urban Umbrella scaffolding around Cooper Union's Foundation Building ... thanks to Goggla for the photo! 

(And the sidewalk bridge is NOT being removed ... at least not now...)


  1. Hey, these sidewalk bridges are way nicer than the usual ones!!

  2. No one has advertised this area on airbnb as an open air loft?

  3. so awesome, I love the ingenuity of kids in NYC!

    I honestly think it should be a law that all sidewalk bridges in NYC are at least as good as this one. They leave plenty of room for pedestrians (which is especially important for folks in wheelchairs, walkers and the like), plus the great lighting makes them feel MUCH safer. Does anyone agree?

  4. @5:18 I think this particular kind of “sidewalk bridge” was due to the fact that this Cooper Union buildings first floor has high ceilings.and the work they need to do is on the second and above. So it creates an open air feel. Funny that you use the term “sidewalk bridge” I’ve only heard that term used by the people working in construction. Everyone else calls it scaffolding.

  5. Manhattan is like living in a cage with scaffolding everywhere - it sucks

  6. @5:18 I agree - obviously it would be better not to have the scaffolding but if it has to be there I'd rather have this than other stuff.


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