Monday, February 28, 2022

A cafe-coffee shop in the works for Houston and Allen

Photos by Stacie Joy

Renovations continue behind the plywood at 200 Allen St., that thin strip of a storefront on the SE corner of Houston...
Workers at the scene told EVG contributor Stacie Joy that a cafe-coffee shop was in the works for the space, though they didn't have the name of the business...
Eastanbul Gyro Kebab and Smyrna Bakery closed here last fallEmpire Gyro, with a 24/7 schedule, opened here in February 2019 ... with the conversion to Eastanbul (and Smyrna) in the summer of 2020. The space was previously Sugar Cafe for 10 years

And once upon a time! Economy Foam (and later, & Futon) anchored the corner from 1937 to 2003...


  1. I miss the Economy bedding store there. A long-time and true Icon of the Lower East Side. I was amazed when it went out and magically 5 new stores appeared where their 'warehouse'(?) used to be .

  2. I miss the foam store!

  3. Economy Foam Center photo by David Monderer.

  4. I bought my first futon there in 1981. Those were the days, when I could essentially sleep on the floor and get up in the morning from a position three inches off the ground.


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