Friday, February 18, 2022

[Updated OMG] An Avenue A product available on Avenue A: an investigation

The other day, EVG reader Nancy shared a photo of Avenue A napkins, which she said she purchased at Key Food on Avenue A.

This email caused some confusion in the EVG Newsroom. As far as we knew, Avenue A products — some 370 strong (for real) — were sold exclusively at Associated.
We thought Nancy was confused... perhaps she was at Associated on Avenue C and Eighth Street. (We make this mistake all the time and only realize it when we don't hear any Mike + the Mechanics or Glass Tiger playing via the store sound system.) 

So we headed over to Key to see for ourselves. 

We don't recall ever seeing Avenue A products here. (Then again, we never realized that Key sold firewood, which was upfront by the birdseed and those big tins of Keebler Export Sodas that no one has bought since 1994.) 

Sure enough, one pack of Avenue A napkins was left this morning ...
... seemingly a popular pick at $2.99...
So we don't know why (at the moment) an Avenue A product reserved for Associated, Met, Pioneer and Compare Foods brands ended up here. 

Meanwhile, the firewood is nearby now...
Updated 7:33 p.m. 

Thankfully, EVG Senior Key Food Correspondent Stacie Joy is on the case now... 

An explanation: According to the store, the issue is that this brand has just become available at the distribution warehouse. So the warehouse is where KeyFood/ManDell shops, and you can select/order anything listed as available at the warehouse. This brand is now listed as "available," so Key bought it and stocked it. 

There are three products from this line now at Key: the napkins, paper towels and, oddly, crackers.


  1. What's next, Ave B Sour cream?

  2. The Avenue A brand includes sour cream. They have a robust dairy section.

  3. Well, I've usually seen Avenue A products at Key Foods, and I thought it was a Key Foods house brand.

    [Wow! $47.46 per pound makes $2.99 look like a bargain!]

  4. Don’t ya love that there’s an “EVG Newsroom”?!

  5. so cool to know, honestly. It amazes me that anybody else likes to read this news as much as I do. thanks!!!

  6. Wait till they stock Avenue E water. Newest flavor.

  7. Newsroom - Love It !

  8. Now wondering if The Newsroom has a Gal Friday, or a Clark Kent perhaps?

  9. Anyone else notice Whole Foods 365 items at Key Food too? I found it odd.

  10. No problem EV and good morning!😊

  11. EV newsroom - I'll work for free

  12. Welcome home, "Avenue A"


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