Thursday, February 17, 2022

Measure what you eat at DM Restaurant

DM Restaurant opened earlier this month on the SE corner of 10th Street and Fourth Avenue... officially 71 Fourth Ave., the first retail tenant for the deluxe 10-floor cantilevering condoplex that arrived here in 2019.
This month, ownership received administrative approval from CB3 for a liquor license at this location. The online questionnaire describes DM's food as "Asian fusion (both Chinese and Korean)."

Several EVG readers pointed out this opening ... though no one we know has eaten here just yet.

The DM's Yelp page notes that this is the first North American outpost for the brand with 200 locations worldwide. 

And per the name, you order your food by the decimetre/decimeter. The menu features a variety of wings, fries, beef patties, etc. ... not sure exactly how this all works if someone wants to go investigate...


  1. It's like trying to order at the Soup Nazi.
    Those prices look pricey in USD.

  2. As someone who spent time in a psych ward where the majority were eating-disorder patients [who weighed every bit of food they put in their mouths], I foresee this restaurant as being very popular with the anorexic/bulimic crowd!

  3. @Scuba...
    I never thought that was a possible food disorder, I guess there is a restaurant for everyone now.

  4. Reminds me of PIE the place that sold pizza by length that was on 4th Ave south of 13th.

    1. That's a very common way of selling pizza in Roma and other regions in Italy.

  5. Now we need a phone app that translates, weighs and calculates what we want to eat. What happened to just point at and buy?

  6. I don't' eat at restaurants where I have no idea what the unit of measurement means or translates out to in non-metric sizes. God, the pretension. (And don't anybody tell me to go learn the metric system, not the point. It's the principle.)

  7. Oh, man, was totally hoping this was a Depeche Mode-themed restaurant, truly disappointed.

  8. Well, 10dm=1 m=~3 ft. Since they have a 10dm option shown, you can work out the rest with very simple math. Looks like very narrow trays, to serve you three feet of food.

  9. This is a bit early for April Fool's. And nothing about this place would make me want to set foot (or meter) into it.

  10. Whats wrong with small, medium and large?

  11. centimeter in vienna has this same concept


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